Mountain Man's Accidental Baby Daughter(5)

By: Lia Lee and Ella Brooke

He didn’t stop until I was a hot mess, drenched in a puddle of sweat on the bed.

He let go of me, putting the two fingers he’d used to fuck me with into his mouth, sucking them off. Then he all but ripped his shirt from his body. He was every inch the god I had thought him to be. His abs were stacked perfectly, his arms bigger than they had looked with the T-shirt on, and his chest was chiseled like it was made of marble. The tattoo on his arm went up to his shoulder and onto his chest, one pectoral covered with a skull-like tattoo that only added to his rugged good looks.

I didn’t have a lot of time to stare. He yanked off his pants, and an impressive cock sprang free. He was hard, his dick pointing up in the air and heavy balls swung beneath it. Another tattoo hugged his hip and stopped in his groin, close enough to his cock to be fucking hot but not to take away from the glory of his manhood. The Viking pulled my shoes off so I could get rid of my pants, and I pushed up to unclasp my bra. We were both naked, and he crawled onto the bed. I opened my legs for him because there was nothing else I wanted more than for him to ravage me.

When he was between my legs, he planted his arms on either side of my head. His eyes were drowning deep, his face only inches from mine when he pushed into me.

I cried out as he buried his cock deep inside of me. I was wet and open and ready for him, and his size was something to get used to. He started sliding in and out of me, fucking me hard and I fell apart as he pounded in and out of me. There had been no ceremony, no easing slowly into it. And I wanted it. Damn, this was exactly what I needed.

He drew the second orgasm out of me, and I cried out. I clamped down on his cock, and he grunted when I did, leaning down to kiss me. His tongue was in my mouth, exploring me.

When he stopped kissing me it was abrupt, leaving me wanting. He pulled out of me at the same time, and I was left shivering and wanting more.

“I’m going to flip you over,” he said seconds before he did it and I landed on my stomach, bracing with my hands. I pushed up on all fours and looked over my shoulder. I was breathing as hard as he was. His hands were on my hips as he pulled me closer. His cock found my entrance, and he pushed into me again.

He pounded into me, picking his speed right back up, and I lost myself in the sensation of our fucking. His balls slapped against my clit, and I was sensitive after he had given me oral, but the sensation was erotic. A fire was building inside, pushing me closer to the edge of another orgasm. The room filled with the sounds of our sex, with his grunting and my moaning and crying out. The sound of his dick pounding into my pussy. My breasts swinging back and forth.

I cried out when another orgasm shattered me, coming undone at the seams. He buried himself inside of me as deep as he could go before he released. He pumped into me, jerking and spasming and his fingers dug into my hips. We orgasmed together. I had never had an orgasm at the same time as Randy, and I felt more connected to this stranger than I had to the man I had been dating for years.

I shoved the thought of my ex-boyfriend out of my mind and focused on the here and now.

When he stopped orgasming, he pulled out of me. I collapsed on the bed, a slippery mess. My skin was slick with sweat, and our sex was between my legs, wet and messy.

He fell onto the bed next to me. His chest rose and fell, and I snuck a glance down at his softening cock. For a moment, I was grateful I was on birth control because he hadn’t used a condom. There hadn’t been time for that.

He turned his head to me, and I met his eyes. Dark, stormy eyes.

“We should go,” he said in a rough voice. “It’s going to get dark, soon.”

“Can we put it off until morning?” I asked. I didn’t want to go back to reality yet. I wanted to stay with this guy a little longer, ride out the feeling of ecstasy he had created.

“I guess we could,” he said after thinking about it for a moment. I smiled.

I rolled over onto my stomach, feeling tired and sore in the best way. He swatted me on my ass, and I yelped. He laughed a deep rumble. He stood up from the bed and didn’t bother covering up. With a body like his, he didn’t have to. He was more than confident about his body, and he had a right to be.

“I need a beer,” he said. “Want one?”

“Can I have water?” I asked. I would have said yes to the beer, but I was already pushing the limits on things I didn’t usually do. He left the room, ass naked and perfect and I closed my eyes, waiting for him to return.

Chapter 4


I should have felt guilty about fucking her. I should have felt guilty about having a client in my cabin. There was nothing professional about it. But I couldn’t get myself to regret what I had done. I wasn’t going to say no to a naked, willing woman, and she had practically thrown herself at me. I had needed a release, and she had been perfect in bed.