Mountain Man's Accidental Baby Daughter(4)

By: Lia Lee and Ella Brooke

“Are you okay in there?” I asked after a while.

“Fine,” she answered through the door.

“We have to get back, soon.” I looked out of the window. “Night is on its way, and we need to get down to the lodge while we can.”

I heard the toilet flush and the water running. I put the open can of beer back into the fridge and closed it. I took a sip of water and rinsed out my mouth so I didn’t smell like I had been drinking.

The door opened, and she stepped out. Her eyes were on me, and when she came closer to me, I noticed she wasn’t limping so badly anymore. She had been faking it.

I wasn’t irritated at all. Usually, when people acted like their injury was worse than it was, it pissed me off. But she came to me all rolling hips and a seductive smile on her face, and all I could think was “yes, please.” Fuck I wanted this woman something awful. I wanted to rip her clothes off and bend her over and fuck her from behind. My cock twitched in my pants, and I turned toward the door so she wouldn’t see the growing bulge of the desire I couldn’t contain.

“We have to get down the mountain,” I said. The lust was thick in the air, and when I glanced at her, there was no question that she felt it, too.

“Do you need anything else?” I asked. It sounded like an invite. It was. I hadn’t meant for it to sound like a come-on, but I couldn’t pretend I didn’t feel that way.

I watched as she lifted her hand to her neck and slid it slowly down, her fingers on the skin of her chest. She tugged at her buttons, and I was aching for her to get naked. Was she accepting my invitation? To me it seemed she had understood what I was asking, and she looked like she was willing to give it to me.

It was wrong to fuck the clients, I reminded myself. It was wrong to have them in my cabin. It was wrong to picture doing something dirty to them.

It was wrong. It was wrong. It was wrong.

But when she started unbuttoning her shirt, and a lace bra peeked out at me, so help me, I was about to lose control.

Chapter 3


His voice deepened when he asked me if I needed anything else, and I started unbuttoning my shirt. I never did something like this, but I wanted him so badly.

“You,” I said in a husky voice. “I need you.”

I was taking a chance, and for a split second, I wondered if I had pushed it too far. But he stepped closer to me, hunger in his eyes and scooped me up. His lips mashed against mine and his tongue was in my mouth, and he walked me to the bedroom like I weighed nothing at all.

When we were in the room, he pushed me against the wall, kissing me hard, grinding his hips against me. His hard cock strained to get to me through his jeans. He was pure muscle and desire, and my body responded to him. I ached for him. I wanted him buried deep inside of me. My arms were around his neck, and I kissed him back, throwing myself into this. It was reckless and dirty and wrong, and I loved it.

I wanted it. All of it.

His hands found my breasts, and he massaged me roughly, disheveling my clothes and tugging my breasts free of my shirt and bra. His cock as still pressed against my pussy and he bucked his hips, dry fucking me. I gasped, getting so wet I could feel it.

He spun me around, and I yelped when he dropped me on the bed. He didn’t waste time with my clothes, pulling the long-sleeved shirt I wore up and over my head. He pulled my bra straps over my shoulders and peeled the cups down so he could get to my breasts. He sucked a nipple into his mouth, groping my other breast as he sucked on me. I moaned. It was so fucking hot. I was headed toward rough sex with a total stranger, and it was the dirtiest thing I had ever done.

After he’d paid attention to breasts for a while, he pulled my jeans down, peeling them off my legs. He tugged my panties down and left them around my ankles. I was half undressed. My shoes stopped my pants from coming off, and I still had the bra around my waist, but when he spread my thighs with his hand, I stopped thinking about logistics. He closed his mouth over my pussy, and I cried out as he licked me from my entrance to my clit.

He wrapped his arms around my thighs and started licking me, flicking his tongue over my clit. When I looked down at him, his eyes were on me. He was a sight to behold, deep dark eyes staring at me. I felt his beard on my bare pussy, and I cried out again as my body jerked and shivered under the onslaught of his tongue.

I was about to tip over the edge, to have an orgasm rock my body, when he pushed two fingers into me. It distracted me enough from his attention to my clit to drive away the orgasm, but it wasn’t any less erotic. He pumped his fingers into me, and I cried out as he continued licking my clit, his tongue hot and hard. I was dripping wet and bucking on the bed. The orgasm finally crashed into me, and I moaned as pleasure racked my body.