Mated By The Alpha Billionaire(9)

By: Riley Moreno

Now feeling frantic, Natasha first looked at sleeping Viktor in guilt at the thought of what she was about to do. But she had to do so for her brother. She first wore one of his shirts and boxers and started her spy mission.

She walked out of the room sneakily, making sure to be soundless like a ninja.

Luckily there was no one at the hotel room but them. Aleksey had truly gone for a sleep over at Miss Victoria`s house.

Which was fine with her as it made it easier for her to find the office, sneak in and take the documents.

She easily found the office door, it was the third one to the right.

Luckily for her it was unlocked as she so did not have door unlocking skill like the spies she saw in TV.

She entered in to a nice spacey office and everything just reminded her of Viktor from the wooden manly desk to the black colored laptop, it was all his kind of style.

Feeling guiltier for what she was doing, betraying the trust of a man she now loved by going through his stuff to steal something important to him, Natasha told herself to be strong and do this to save her brother.

So she started going through the drawers, the papers and the shelves while placing everything back in exact place. She was doing it all quickly not wanting Viktor to wake up and find her in there. That would be horrifying.

Frustrated not having found anything, she left the office as she had taken longer than she was supposed to.

She then headed to the kitchen needing an excuse for when Viktor asked where she had gone off too, if he was now awake.

She went through the expensive kitchen drawers, took out some ingredients and started cooking breakfast.

‘’Hmm what is that delicious smell?’’ she then heard a deep sexy Russian accent voice whisper as the owner wrapped his hands around her, cuddling into her neck causing electrifying sparks to course through her body.

‘’I have just finished frying some eggs and bacon for us. I hope you don’t mind me using your kitchen. ‘’ Natasha answered him after placing the plates on the table. She then turned and wrapped her hands around Viktor’s neck and she loved the way he was looking at her.

In awe and wonder.

‘’You know I just can’t help but dread to think that I’m going to wake up and realize that you were maybe just a dream. As after yesterday night, I never ever thought I could feel like this ever again for someone other than my dead wife Natalia. ‘’ Viktor then said looking so vulnerable at her while lovingly caressing her cheek.

Tears started flowing down Natasha`s cheeks at the thought of how he was letting her into his heart when she was busy betraying him and spying for his enemy.

‘’Don’t cry Lyublmaya moyA, I only want to see happiness on that beautiful face. ‘’ Viktor then said to her while kissing the tears away. And she so loved the way he called her my sweetheart in his thick sexy Russian accent.

His lips then moved and started tasting her delicious lips.

This kiss was more passionate and sensual as they both poured out all their feelings into it.

‘’I just love the way you look in one of my shirts. But you look better without it. ‘’ Viktor then said out to her as he lifted her up and placed her on the table.

Just as he was about to unbutton the shirt and fuck her on the table, the voice of his FBI and CIA trained best friend and bodyguard Rafael, interrupted them.

‘’Viktor, I want you to step away from that woman as quickly as possible!’’ Rafael an Asian looking and average built guy said while holding out a gun and pointing it at Natasha.

Chapter Seven


‘’What the Hell Rafael!’’ Viktor then said moving in front of Natasha and wandering if his friend had gone wacko.

‘’Viktor! All morning I have been trying to reach you by Phone, that woman is a freaking spy for Gavril! I have camera footage of her rummaging in your office this morning looking for something. So you better move away from her, she could be dangerous and sent to kill you!’’

Rafael then shouted to the utter horror of Natasha. Why the heck had she not thought about the office having cameras and she was now caught. If Gavril heard about this, her brother was totally dead.

More tears started trailing down her face and she was also worried about Viktor`s reaction.