Mated By The Alpha Billionaire(8)

By: Riley Moreno

It was as if the whole atmosphere had shifted as Natasha noticed the way Viktor`s eyes had flared up and where now trailing her body, inch by inch as if he wanted to eat her up!

She also started trailing her eyes, checking him out to0, staring at those Adonis sculpted muscles which she wanted to feel through with her hands.

No longer able to take it any longer, she slowly walked up to him like a temptress stalking her prey as today Natasha Camille Walker was getting what she wanted from Viktor Ivanovich Dmitri whether he liked it or not.

And right now she wanted touch her and fuck her until she could no longer get enough of him.

She then stood in front of him with a challenging look in her eyes.

Viktor noticing the challenge look, gave her a warning and are you sure look because she so did not know who she was messing with.

As she seductively started slowly biting her lip and trailing her hand down her body about to place it into her panties and touch herself, that just pushed Viktor to the edge.

No bloody sexy woman was going to touch and satisfy herself while he idly stood watching!

With a sexy growl and now only wanting to satisfy his dominating primal Russian urges, Viktor quickly hoisted her up his shoulder so that her gorgeous butt hang up in the air.

He gave her a playful smack for being such a bad girl and then threw her at the big master bed. She then turned and looked up at him invitingly.

He quickly threw away his towel leaving himself fully naked and for her to quickly look at his form appreciatively with pure lust. He then jumped into the bed and hovered on top of her like a predator.

‘’ Tonight, Lyublmaya moyA, my sweetheart, I shall make you scream and shout my name in pleasure until your voice runs out.’’ he then whispered growly with a thick Russian accent, into her ear leaving a trail of electric tingles. This just turned her on more.

He first ripped away her bra causing some white piece of paper to fall away on the floor but Natasha did not care or notice, lost in the intense eyes of her lover.

He then ripped away her panties until she was utterly naked, exactly as he wanted her to be ever since he first laid his eyes on her.

And before Natasha knew it, Viktor entered her, consuming her whole fully. He then devoured every part and inch of her dark chocolate skin causing fireworks to spark wherever he touched while she screamed his name in pure ecstasy the whole night...

Chapter Six

Natasha the spy...

Mama mia! Natasha felt like shouting that out loud as she had just had the night of her life, Viktor had totally taken her to paradise and even now she was surprised to still want more and more of him.

She would never get enough, let’s not even mention the way he had devoured her body until she was lost in oblivion of pleasure.

Morning came too quickly for her as she now lay all sprawled out on the sheets with Viktor`s hand possessively wrapped around her female form. She looked at his peaceful handsome sleeping face and realized she was now totally and utterly in love with him.

She had never been the one to believe in love at first sight or love making but having experienced it, she now understood.

She gently removed herself from him making sure not to wake him up and rushed to the bathroom to pee.

After she was done, having washed her hands, she then with wide horrified eyes saw the pink blackberry vibrating to indicate Gavril had left messages for her.

Oh crap she had totally forgotten all about her spy mission and her brother being kidnapped.

She rushed to the phone on the bed side table in panic hoping that Gavril had not reacted to her not replying his messages by killing her brother. She would never forgive herself.

One of my men tells me that they saw you enter an elevator with Viktor`s brother.

What a clever plan to get into Viktor`s hotel room which he usually stays in, I’m proud of you. Since you might end up reading this in the morning after your sleep over with the boy Aleksey, I want you to sneak into Viktor`s office in that hotel room and to search for that evidence. Make sure not to get caught! And you better find something.

PS. Don’t even think about turning on me by telling any of those billionaire boys about me having your brother and thinking they might help you to save him. I have spies there too and your brother will die instantly.