Mated By The Alpha Billionaire(7)

By: Riley Moreno

He then led her to the hotel room he was staying at.

Natasha also saw some bodyguards mingling around the lobby and guessed that Viktor was also making sure to provide protection for his brother too. A clever thought as knowing Gavril he would not mind kidnapping Viktor`s family members to get to him.

As always it was a 5 star hotel room, the ones Natasha never ever dreamed she would step foot in.

It was like a penthouse with large rooms from the lounge room to the Kitchen.

‘’That door leads to my bedroom which has a closet full of t-shirts. In the meanwhile, dry yourself with this towel and wear one of the shirts. As for me, I am going to go ask my next door neighbor the lovely Miss Victoria if she has some extra dress for you to change into.’’ Aleksey then said to Natasha pointing to a brown classy looking door with a twinkle in his eyes after handing her a white towel.

Natasha looked at him with wide eyes for the way he had talked about going to see the so called Miss Victoria, as if he was planning to be there for a very long time doing some dirty things before bringing her the dress to change.

Before she could say something to him, he opened the door and pointed her to go into the bedroom to wait for him while he went to find her a dress.

Natasha entered the bedroom feeling like rolling her eyes at Aleksey.

He then closed the door but not before flashing her a mischievous wink. She almost followed him wanting to know what he was playing at, but she was feeling yuck from this drenched wet dress.

She first took a look at Aleksey`s bedroom and it was grand looking from the master bed to the big airy windows.

Nice place, she thought to herself.

She then removed her yuck dress, wondering what she was going to say to Gavril`s Russian woman about her dress.

Natasha was now only wearing her bra and panties. She then felt the well folded white thing which she had been hiding in her bra all along. Gavril thought it had been burned up into ashes but he was wrong as Natasha has snuck it into her bra and pretended to burn one of her bill letters. At least with this letter if she failed the spy mission she could have something to use against Gavril to make him release her brother.

She then went to stand by Aleksei`s closet after drying herself with a towel to look for some shirt to wear in the meantime. She was surprised by the sort of clothing filling the huge closet. They were the kind of clothes which fit the style worn by Viktor not by Aleksey!

‘’What the hell?’’ she then heard a deep sexy Russian accent voice swear in surprise making her freeze on the spot...

Chapter Five

Meeting at last...

Oh crap, bloody Alekesei, he had freakin set her up. This was not even his bloody bedroom but Viktor`s!

Natasha thought as she stood looking in surprise at half naked, only towel wearing sexy looking Viktor who had just come out from taking a bath.

‘’Should i even ask what the hell you are doing in my bedroom?’’ Viktor then said looking at her suspiciously wondering if she was one of those stalker type women but a gorgeous one at that.

‘’Oh No! I mean um I am not here on purpose, my name is Natasha and your brother spilled his drink on me then brought me to this room to change saying it was his bedroom.’’ Natasha then said to him almost stuttering as this Russian billionaire had a way of making her feel like almost losing all her senses. He just had this dominating presence about him.

As for Aleksey, that clever mischievous bastard, Natasha was sure by now that he had intentionally spilled the drink on her. But then again she should thank him as wasn’t this what she wanted all along, to have the full attention of Viktor.

Viktor face changed from suspicious to a knowing look as he knew his mischievous brother could plan something like this. Even after he had plainly told Aleksey at the VIP Section that just because he had stared at a female that did not mean he wanted one!

That is why he had abruptly left angrily but mostly to run away from this tempting dark chocolate vixen who had given him a hard on from just staring at her.

So he had rushed to his hotel room which he usually stayed at and rushed for a cold shower to get her out of his mind.

But now it seems as if he could not escape her. Since she was now in his room and damn half naked, wearing only a sexy bra and those sexy looking panties which he just wanted to rip off her.