Mated By The Alpha Billionaire(6)

By: Riley Moreno

‘’WOW! I am I dreaming or is the sky going to fall today as my brother is actually looking at a female!” he then heard the sound of his brother Aleksey exclaiming in pure surprise.

This broke the spell and Viktor looked back at his brother in utter bewilderment, wondering what had just freakin happened to him!

Chapter Four

Mischievous Aleksey...

As Natasha stood there frozen, staring at him she could not believe how hard her heart was beating. It was as if everything was now a blur and all she could focus on was him.

She felt like she was looking at an angel in human form as those photos had not done Viktor justice! From those high angled cheekbones on that gorgeous handsome Russian face, that raven black smooth looking hair which she wanted to run through with her hands to those heaven inviting lips.

Then there was also that well-muscled body hidden behind that ridiculously expensive looking navy blue suit. Let’s not even mention again those dark intense grey eyes which looked to be eye unwrapping her and she loved it.

Whenever those eyes caught hers, her body just felt as if it was heating up to 90 degrees and she was slipping down a chain reaction.

The moment between them then ended as his companion the one who was talking to him said something causing him to turn away from staring at her.

She felt as if she could now breathe properly as that short moment had been too intense even for her. She then pretended to go back to ordering her drink.

She unsuspiciously peeked at him again unable to stop herself and saw him talking some more with his male companion. She realized they were arguing about her as the male companion Viktor was talking to, kept on pointing to her as they talked while Viktor just glared at him.

As Viktor looked about to turn and look at her Natasha quickly stopped her peeking and pretended to start a conversation with her female coworker Stella.

After some while she then peeked again but was surprised to see Viktor no longer at the VIP Section. She now so could not believe it! As her target had left. She even felt a little conscious at the thought that maybe he preferred skinny girls.

She now so dreaded telling Gavril that she had not succeeded in getting the attention of her target.

I’m sorry, but he was not interested in me and left. Maybe you should find another person.

Natasha sent the text from the blackberry and was now anxiously awaiting his reply.

Don’t try to play games with me little girl. One of my men told me you did not even attempt to go talk to Viktor. If you fail again, I’m sending you a cut up finger from your brother`s hand.

Natasha almost dropped the phone at the reply she got from Gavril. Her skin prickled at the thought of how his men were still watching her.

Then the thought of any harm coming to her brother because she failed, almost brought tears to her face. The next time she was not going to fail, she was going to get Viktor`s attention one way or the other!

Feeling depressed, she quickly moved away from the bar and not seeing it, ended up colliding into someone.

This was so not her night as her dress was now drenched in champagne while the causer of this came out dry and clean.

‘’I’m truly, and awfully sorry. I was not looking at where I was going.’’ The male voice of the person to cause this said and she looked up to see it was the male companion of Viktor the one he had been arguing with.

‘’Here, Come with me, I’m staying at one of the hotel rooms above, I’m sure I can find you another dress to change into.’’ He then said and she let him lead her as where the hell was she going to go to with a drenched dress?

In the elevator she took a really good look at her companion and realized that he had some similar features to Viktor. But with blonde hair and crystal mischievous blue eyes.

‘’Are you Viktor, the owner of this company`s brother?’’ Natasha then decided to ask him.

‘’Apparently yes Viktor the uptight is my brother, my name is Aleksey by the way and you?’’ he then replied her playfully and she told him hers. This was truly good news for her as maybe she could end up getting to Viktor`s home one day, through his brother.

Aleksey was very easy to talk to and handsome but totally not Natasha`s type as he had playboy material written all over him.