Mated By The Alpha Billionaire(5)

By: Riley Moreno

And so after checking her make up again on the review mirror, she got out of the car and went to attend the work party to seduce a Russian Billionaire.

After giving the bouncer guy her invitation paper, she entered into this gorgeous place, the Golden Riddle five star hotel where the party was being held in one of their party rooms.

Inside, music was playing, waiters were going around serving drinks, and it was sort of like a club scene with people chatting. She recognized most of her coworkers and went to chat to most of them to distract herself before planning how she was going to meet her target.

While doing so she almost blushed at how the men were staring at her, since she was after all the best dressed. Then there was jealousy looks from their jealous wives.

It was then at that moment as she ordered her drink that one of her female friends then whispered into her ear.

‘’Natasha, I actually can’t believe this but I think that Viktor our billionaire boss is staring at you from the VIP Section.’’

At hearing this, Natasha first froze as it was too soon to face her target and she had not even gotten a single drink to calm her nerves.

She then hesitantly turned around slowly ready to face the man who had brought all this Mafia trouble upon her, only to be reeled in by his hypnotizing dark intense grey eyes.


Viktor Ivanovich Dmitri wondered when this time wasting party event was going to end as he had much better things to do and he was even risking his life by being here. But he was the owner of the company and had to be there for his company`s anniversary party.

With all these assassination attempts by the spineless bastard Gavril, Viktor could not wait for the next trial as he was going to bring Gavril down and make him pay for the killing of his dear wife.

And dammit she had been freaking pregnant with his child. Why could she not have let him take the gun shot instead of taking it for him after noticing the assassinator!

Even with 5 years passed since her death, he still missed her and his heart still ached for his high school sweetheart and beloved wife Natalia.

All the evidence he had was going to completely destroy the Mosolov clan and it would take Gavril a really long time to pick things up after such a blow.

And now his little grown up, playboy brother Aleksei was pestering him and telling him about all his hook ups with gorgeous ladies from Thailand where he had been visiting for some project of his. As if he cared about hearing about females! There was no one who could ever replace his wife!

Luckily it was only his little brother who had come as all the others who could not make it, were mostly unwelcome. Like his Mafia boss father Ivan and his older brother, the so called next Mafia heir Sergei who were busy in Russia for business. Viktor did not see eye to eye with them and blamed their mafia ways for the death of his wife.

Even if his Mafia father believed that he had paid his side of the debt by capturing the guy who had fired the gun shot and torturing him to death. Viktor was still angry as that did not bring Natalia and his child back!

And as for his dear mother, she had died of Cancer a long time ago.

‘’Brother, Thailand girls are so bloody hot. I had the best time of my life sampling every one of them, next time you should so join me and you won’t regret it!”

Viktor rolled his eyes at this as they sat in the VIP section by the red sofas. He then looked around trying to find something more interesting than his brother whom he loved dearly, but was annoying sometimes.

It was then he noticed something which completely caught his attention in the normal section by the bar.

His eyes then started tracing that dangerous sexy red dress which hugged that beautiful hour glass curved body to perfection while showing those damn inviting curves. Then there was that dark tempting and delicious looking dark chocolate skin, which Viktor wanted to lick at until he could not get enough.

He just could not stop staring at this magnetic temptress and felt completely spell bound. He then saw one of her female friends who had noticed him looking, whisper something to her.

The object of his attention first froze and then turned around only to trap him with that heart shaped face, full kissable red lips and hypnotizing dark brown eyes which he could get lost into forever.