Mated By The Alpha Billionaire(4)

By: Riley Moreno

How the heck had she found herself caught in the middle of this and all because she was black and worked for Dmitri’s company. Life was unfair as she had never even met her Russian billionaire boss! He was inclusive, always surrounded by bodyguards and usually worked from his home office.

And then there was her dear poor little brother Jeremiah. They had just found each other after being separated by the adoption system as their parents died early while they were still children.

She had reluctantly let him go to college and to continue living with his adopted family as they had raised him up wonderfully.

And now she had to learn that her only family, was kidnapped and now in the hands of the Russian Mafia. All because they wanted to get to her.

Because of that she knew she had no choice but to accept the dangerous mission. So she bravely stood up and went to her kitchen following the instructions. This irked her to know that this was not their first time of them breaking into her house since Gavril knew specific details about her house already.

On the table she found a package and hesitantly opened it hoping it was not a bomb.

Surprisingly, there was a pink and womanly normal blackberry phone. She then pressed the on button and a white message popped up on a black screen.

This is not any ordinary phone. It can’t be traced, we can turn it off and erase all messages with a click from afar. This is how we will communicate. As for the letter, you shall go outside, stand by your door and burn it with the lighter placed on your front door window sill. One of my men will be watching you just to make sure you follow my instructions. And more will be coming soon.

The screen then became blank and returned to the home screen now looking like a normal functioning blackberry phone.

After burning a stupid letter while being watched, Natasha then went back into her house feeling furious at all these demands being issued to her. She was not some fucking robot to be controlled!

Chapter Three

The work party event.

“Breath in, breathe out...’’

Natasha found herself trying to calm her nerves. She so could not believe she was being forced to do this by some Russian mafia boss.

Right now she sat in her car at the car park. She was about to do her first assignment as a freaking spy for the mafia and she so did not like the sound of that. It would have sounded better if it was a spy for the FBI or the good guys as right now she was working for the bad guys.

Apparently the assignment came after a week and what a horrible week of knowing she was being followed and watched. It was a wonder that she was even able to concentrate while also worrying about her brother.

She had called his adoption Parents a wonderful couple the Turners, Agnes and Phillip. Luckily they did not know about the kidnapping and believed Jeremiah to be enjoying his time at college.

Natasha was happy to leave them thinking like that. As for his college they thought he went home for some time off.

The assignment she received from her new blackberry was to meet and seduce Mr. Dmitri until he brought her to his home as that’s where they believed the documents to be hidden. Then she was to steal them and bring them to them.

And now she was about to attend a work party being hosted to celebrate Dmitri company`s 10th anniversary.

She never usually attended work parties because why the heck would she want to hang out with rich snob bosses and their expensively dressed wives. But right now she was being forced to attend this one as this was her chance to meet Mr. Dmitri and supposedly seduce him.

What a damn easy task they said except how the hell was she going to be able to seduce some freaking white Russian billionaire who had been rumored to have never even shown a single interest in women after the death of his wife?

She had looked Viktor up on the internet and had been surprised by how handsome he was. Some pictures showed him with his now dead black wife and the wife had been gorgeous and Russian. How could she compete with that?

She had voiced her concerns to Gavril using the pink blackberry and he had replied that he would send some help.

She had then gotten the surprise of some Russian woman ringing her door bell and carrying lots of things from make up to dresses.

And now while still in her car, she had to admit that the woman had done a damn great work as she looked damn hot.