Mated By The Alpha Billionaire(3)

By: Riley Moreno

She then let out a sigh after checking everything and finding it all in place. The thief had stolen nothing and she was also overjoyed after running to her bedroom to check her safe which had her savings money and finding it all there.

But that joy got cut short, as someone roughly pushed her to the wall and pressed a hand to her mouth to keep her from screaming while throwing away her shin gun.

But she retaliated and started trying to kick at him and push him from her, but he was so strong and pinned her to the wall until she could no longer move any part of her body. The guy was wearing black clothes and had a black mask so she could not see his face.

Tears started threatening to trail down her face as she hoped he would not rape her and she was now whimpering in fear. How could she have been stupid in not calling the police before entering the house?

‘’Listen closely to this bitch. ‘’ the guy then said to her and she was surprised to hear a Russian accent which she recognized from hearing it spoken by a Russian exchange student from college.

‘’I have a message for you from Gavril Baskovich Mosolov leader of the Mosolov clan.’’ He then continued placing some small white envelope letter into her hand.

‘’Read it and if you dare call the cops, we will know as we have spies everywhere and you will face the consequences.’’ And then he moved off her and jumped out through her bedroom window.

With her heart still rapidly beating, the only thought on Natasha`s mind was what the hell did Russians of all people want from some black American woman like her?

She first sat on the bed and with nervously shaking hands she then opened the little white letter to read the contents.

Dear Miss Natasha Camille Walker

By now I’m sure you already know where this letter is from. There is pest that I have been trying to get rid of. That pest keeps on ruining my business deals and now I have learned that the pest has some evidence enough to send many of my best men to jail for life.

Miss Walker, this is where you come in. But first as a sense of humor, did you know that Natasha is actually a sultry Russian spy name? And that my dear is what you are going to do for me, as your name suggests.

This Pest`s name is Viktor Ivanovich Dmitri and you are going to spy on him for me, find out where he is keeping the evidence and bring it to me. Apparently as a billionaire he is full of resources, well-guarded and even all my assassination and infiltration attempts of him have failed. But don’t worry I’m am not completely heartless and will not require of you to commit murder or kill him. I just want the evidence.

I’m sure you are wondering why me? Well my dear it’s because you work at his company don’t you? And Mr. Dmitri likes his women just as much as he like his tea...Black. I know that since his beloved wife was black and accidentally killed by one of my man, after his father Ivan a rival mafia boss of mine pissed me off. I only wanted his second son to be shot on the shoulder and not for it to be a kill shot. But that stupid wife of his jumped in and got killed in the process. And now that Dmitri son has become a pest to me in some stupid quest for revenge.

P.S I have your little brother, Jeremiah isn’t it. A handsome young man, and if you want to see him in perfect form just do what I tell you to do and you will survive. Just don’t piss me off too.

Petro has left a little package for you by the table, just turn right from you kitchen window. That is how you will receive your instructions. Be quick in sending me an answer of your reply as I am an impatient man.

Tootles my little Russian spy

Yours and always watching

Gavril Baskovich Mosolov

At first Natasha just stood frozen after reading the letter, wandering and hoping that maybe this was all a dream and she would soon suddenly wake up.

Because how then could she take in this turn of events,

All her life she had been a good law abiding American citizen, and never ever gotten her hands dirty but now some dangerous Russian Mafia boss wanted her to work for him? Plus how this could even be happening to her while living in America was also puzzling as weren’t these kinds of things supposed to only happen there in Russia!

Worse she was to spy on some White Russian Billionaire, son of some other Powerful Mafia boss and also the boss of her company. This was so not going to end in a good way for her whether she accepted the spy job or not, as in the end there would be still one pissed mafia boss after her. Whether it be Gavril or Ivan.