Mated By The Alpha Billionaire(2)

By: Riley Moreno

Natasha quickly stood up from her chair, and did what her hand had been itching to do from the very moment spent with Simon and his big mouth...she slapped him. And the impact was loudly satisfying as her hand met his cheek leaving a bright big red mark.

‘’You are one of the worst dates ever!” Natasha then said to him as he sat there looking at her stunned. Luckily there were sited on a corner unseen by everyone.

Just as she was about to leave and now feeling bad for overreacting, he then snapped out of his shock as he saw the waiter bringing their order.

‘’And before you leave, I was joking and not even planning to pay the whole bill, can you leave your own half. “He then said out to her just as she was about to leave while rubbing his burning red cheek.

And now she no longer felt even bad for slapping him, he totally deserved it. What kind of man brought a woman to a date, joked about paying it and expected the woman to pay in the end.

Was he really that stingy? Even some handsome low paid plumber she had dated, had paid for their food on the date.

Before she could slap the bastard a second time, she instead walked away from him.

As she left the pub restaurant while still seething mad she was glad to hear some men hooting and whistling at her trying to get her attention as she did look hot after all with her hour glass figure.

As she went to the car park to her car she then realized that she had forgotten her car keys and her purse at the table.

Dang it! She thought and turned to go take it.

But the scene that greeted her was truly comical.

Her now ex-blind date, was sitting there with his hand under the table, moving around while the other hand held a phone with a picture he was intensely staring at and making moaning sounds.

It so cannot be what I think he is doing. Natasha thought to herself wondering whether to laugh or be disgusted.

OH BUT IT WAS as dear Simon was now busy touching himself, masturbating while looking at her Facebook picture on the phone. It seems her stupid photo looked to be turning him on too much than the real her!

Noticing her, he stopped stunned and had the guts to actually look embarrassed.

‘’Um it’s not what it looks like?’’

He first said and she just looked at him silently.

‘’But since I paid for your food too, you sort of owe Me.’’ he then continued after regaining his momentum, now looking at her expectantly while pointing to his pants wanting her to give him a blowjob.

Before she could end up getting arrested for murder for throttling someone, Natasha silently and quickly took her purse which had her car keys inside and left in a hurry. All she wanted to do was to be as far away from that creep as she could.

Monica was so going to get it from her!

Chapter Two

The Kidnapping

As she drove back to her house, Natasha was still seething mad and thinking of how Monica had even brought that creep to her house making him know where she lived!

She was going to call her and give her some words to never ever try to fix her on another blind date or bring creeps to her house.

As she entered into her neighborhood which was not a very good one, with suspicious looking people always mingling around, Natasha was used to it. This was the only place she could afford to buy a house in, with her little pay as a secretary plus she still had to pay off all her student loan debts.

She sometimes wished she was Monica who was married to a rich chef husband who took care of her and was always going to fancy vacations.

Monica never lacked anything while Natasha was always trying to meet ends meet. That was life for her as a single black American woman trying to make a living. But then again Natasha also never wanted to only be a house wife to some rich guy and instead wanted to work and make her own money too.

As she arrived at the house, she then parked her car and walked up to her front door. Hairs then raised up on her neck as she felt as if something was wrong.

Whenever she locked her door, she always placed the locker in a certain direction. Living in an unsafe neighborhood you had to be careful. Her heart started now beating rapidly at the thought that someone might have broken in into her little house as the locker faced wrong direction.

With her shin gun in hand, feeling brave and not thinking clearly or considering calling the cops, she unlocked the door and stepped into the house.