Mated By The Alpha Billionaire(13)

By: Riley Moreno

‘’So does that mean, you still want me?’’ Viktor then said pulling her closer.

‘’Yes, it does and In fact i missed you so much that i want you inside me right now.’’ Natasha then replied him while placing her lips upon his to show him just how much she still wanted and loved him.

And soon they were caught up in a heavy make out full of passion which started becoming more.

‘’Wait, Viktor I have something to tell you.’’ Natasha then said breaking the kiss breathlessly as she realized she also had to tell him something important before they ended up in bed and her losing all her senses.

He stopped and looked at her giving her his full attention, this just made her more nervous.

‘’I am well...What I mean to say is that I am pregnant...with your child.’’ Natasha then finally uttered the dreaded words after some hesitation and not knowing how he was going to react.

He first froze looking at her in shock.

‘’ I just want you to know that I didn’t do this on purpose, I am not after your billions and will take care of the child myself. I just wanted you to know as the father so that you can just be there for the child as a father. You don’t have to if you don’t want to, I will totally understand...” Natasha then continued now blabbering not knowing how to take his silence.

‘’I’m a going to be a father?’’ Viktor then asked snapping out of his shock. And Natasha just nodded with a nervous smile.

‘’ti viydesh zamuzh za menya?’’ Viktor then said to her in Russian with his voice thick with emotion, his eyes lighted up while tenderly holding her hand.

It was time like this that made Natasha decide she was going to take some Russians classes and the way Viktor said those words, they sounded really important.

‘’Sorry, Lyublmaya moyA, my sweetheart, I am just overcome with emotion and tend to change to my mother tongue when so, ‘’ he then said to her with a happy smile. His eyes then became intense staring into her as he looked about to bare out his soul to her.

‘’You have just now made me the happiest man in the world with this wonderful gift of a child. I love you with all my heart and soul. I now can’t imagine a life without you. As I start again, I want to start that life with you and my child as a family. So what I meant to say in English, is this life changing question,’’ he said and to her surprise kneeled down in front of her looking serious.

‘’Will you marry me?’’

Natasha first looked at him with wide eyes while inside praying hard that this was not a dream but was truly happening. That Viktor Ivanovich Dmitri the white Russian billionaire and the father of her unborn child was actually kneeling down here right now and asking her to marry him.

‘’My answer is yes, yes, yes I will marry you.’’ Natasha then replied beaming with joy upon realizing that this was truly happening.

With his eyes dancing with joy, Viktor quickly stood up hugging her and then playfully hoisted her upon his shoulder and headed for the bedroom to celebrate and have his wicked ways with her...his future Wife.