Mated By The Alpha Billionaire(10)

By: Riley Moreno

He first froze at this news and turned to look at her for confirmation on whether this was true while inside hoping it was not. But when he saw her face, he knew it was true. This truly broke his heart to shattered pieces.

As for Natasha she could not take the look of betrayal and agony on his face.

Without saying a word, he abruptly left and headed for his office.

He then came out holding khaki envelope.

‘’What the hell are you doing Viktor man!’’ Rafael shouted looking at his friend as if he had gone crazy after he realized what he was about to do. After all it hadn’t been him that had to go through a lot to get all that evidence against Gavril.

‘’I’m just giving her exactly what she came here for.’’ Viktor then said bitterly.

‘’Here, take it. Go and give it to your boss. Tell him I said bravo, well done. Bringing some seductress black woman, making me fall for her and her breaking my heart. He has won! ‘’ Viktor then said handing out the khaki envelope to Natasha.

Natasha so wanted to just chuck that envelope away and tell Viktor that she wanted and loved him. But she could not do so, as that would mean an instant death for her brother Jeremiah and the only family she had left.

This was a sacrifice she was just willing to take, losing the love of the man who consumed her heart to save her brother.

So she made the hardest choice of her life,

‘’I’m truly sorry Viktor.’’ She whispered broken heartedly to him and took the envelope. She then rushed to the bedroom took her dress and quickly left with more tears, leaving a bewildered looking Raphael and a totally broken looking Viktor.

‘’Why Viktor, out of all the stupid things you have done, this ranked the highest. You have just handed out the whole damn evidence we had against Gavril like it was Christmas time!’’ Rafael bellowed out in anger.

‘’I did it for love my friend, I thought maybe what we had shared was real and she would choose me. I guess I was wrong.’’ Viktor answered with an empty voice.

Rafael was shocked silent as he had never seen his best friend looking this worse. Even after his wife Natalia died, at least at that time, Viktor still had some light left in him. But now it was like he was looking at someone who had just decided to give up on life and was an empty shell.

What the hell had this Natasha girl done to his best friend in such a short time?

Chapter Eight


‘’Sis can you believe it, I actually got to stay at a Russian billionaires mansion. Apparently he chose me out of all people at my college class to come and teach his Daughter Katya the English language and help her improve on some grammar. And he offered to pay my whole college fees, how could I even refuse such an offer.’’

Natasha sat in the dining room of the house owned by the Turners, Jeremiah`s adopted parents, she had travelled all the way from New York to come here to see her brother in this little town called Virginia town.

The Turners sat on the other sofa while her brother sat beside her, looking totally animated and talking about his wonderful holiday spend at Gavril`s Mansion house.

‘’But why did you not call and tell us that young man. Me and your mother we were worried about you not visiting for the holiday. ‘’ Peter Turner Jeremiah`s adopted father then said to him sternly.

‘’Sorry dad, I really did not think about that and got lost in all the exciting things I found at Gavril`s Mansion from Jacuzzis to advanced computers. Plus i was not allowed to use my cellphone as Gavril said something about the safety of his daughter.’’

Luckily for her, her brother Jeremiah did not know that he had been kidnapped and would have died there at Gavril`s Mansion if she had not given him what he wanted.

After she texted Gavril that she had the evidence, he had sent one of his guys to come take it along with the blackberry and luckily kept his word on releasing her brother unharmed.

But at what cost? She had now lost the love of her life.

Every time she thought about Viktor, tears threatened to fall down her face. He had even told her he loved her but she had tumbled his heart to pieces and chose that damn stupid envelope instead of him.