Mated By The Alpha Billionaire

By: Riley Moreno

(Russian Billionaires of the Dmitri clan series)

Chapter One

The Horrible Date

“Hmmmm, what should I wear to work tomorrow? Maybe my tight black skirt which shows my curves perfectly, a white blouse and black heels.

But then again maybe I should opt for my boring loose navy blue skirt, as lately I really don’t like how that pervert married boss of mine, Mr. Smith has been staring at me lately! ”

After small bored sigh, Natasha then returned her attention back to her date. And yes that’s right, Natasha Camille Walker was actually on a date and busy thinking about what she was going to wear tomorrow for work! Not that she was a workaholic but seriously who could blame her?

The blind date set up for her by her crazy black girlfriend Monica, with a special emphasis on the word crazy, was just higher up the scales when it came to being horrible.

When Monica had unexpectedly brought him to her house and introduced him to her, he had seemed totally normal even flashing Natasha a charming smile.

And heck when Monica had added that this attractive well fit black guy, was a Doctor, Natasha had been totally hooked and quickly agreed to a date. Compared to the kind of guys she usually dated usually plumbers, wrestlers, gym instructors etc. this guy was like winning a lottery.

So while grinning like an idiot, she had quickly rushed to her room and changed into one of her best dresses and driven here for their first date.

And now in this well-lit, lively pub restaurant instead of them enjoying and having a perfect date, as soon they sat by one of the tables in the hidden corner, Simon her date opened his mouth. This just horribly ruined it for her from that moment!

And now he was talking nonsense about abortion, a topic initiated by him of course, answering his own questions and not even giving her a chance to speak.

‘’ I have mixed feelings about abortions. On the one hand, I'm all for killing babies, but I hate giving women a choice.”

What the hell? Was this guy actually a real doctor?

And damn he was so sexy with his mouth closed shut! Natasha then thought to herself almost groaning in annoyance.

Even that well-muscled underground wrestler whom she had once dated was so much interesting than this guy, at least he was a man of few words. Sadly the wrestler wanted to acquire his own concubine and Natasha was a one man, one woman kind of person not concubine material, so it did not work out between them.

Once this date was done with, she was so going to kill her best friend Monica for doing this to her.

And yes even though alarm bells were already blaring loudly about this guy not being the one for her, she was actually not going to end this date quickly.

Because sadly instead of going back to that lonely house of hers to spend another night with her fridge's rasping compressor for company, she just needed some human companionship even if it was HIS kind of company.

Maybe she should just do as Monica always chided her to do, to lower her standards a little bit and she would be married by now and not be lonely.

“Are you into fitness? ’’ Mr. I like hearing only my voice talk, finally decided to include her in the conversation.

Shut up Simon! Natasha was about to rudely tell him now realizing where he was going with that question. Just because she was not like those skinny girls and had curves in all the right places, did not give him the right to even dare judge her. It was her body not his.

Luckily the waiter then came to ask for their orders.

"Get whatever you want, it's all on me tonight." Simon then said and it was the only good thing she had heard from him all night. She even decided she was going to order the most expensive thing to pay him back.

Deciding she also truly needed a beer, to still get through this date, she told the waiter to bring her some after Simon ordered salad for himself.

After hearing her order for beer, Simon looked her in utter disapproval after the waiter left and opened his mouth again.

“Did you know there are female hormones in beer? You drink a lot of beer you get fatter than you already are, cry a lot, talk too much, don't make sense, and can't drive a car. ‘’

Deciding that she now already had enough and no one had the right to insult her like this by calling her fat! And wasn’t he the one talking too much, and not making sense, instead of her?