Loving Colt(4)

By: C.A. Harms

She turned to face him and smiled lovingly. His interruption saved me from answering her question.

“Okay, Momma, let’s let these pretty girls enjoy their breakfast.” He nudged her along and smiled as he passed.

My eyes never left him as they stopped to pay their bill and walked toward the front door. He looked back as he held the door open for his mom, winking one last time.

Something about the way he was with her made my heart melt. He was careful and gentle as he held her arm. I could still see them through the front windows as he led her to the car.

It wasn’t just a show he put on in front of people. He never once let go of her until she was safely tucked away inside a small blue car that I assumed was hers.

My stomach twisted and turned. What the hell was I doing thinking about any man right now? I was running from the last one, and I was in no position to allow myself false hope. I couldn’t allow myself to believe there was a gentle man out there, one with a kind heart.

It was time for me and Maddison to get back on the road. I didn’t need to develop any friendships here. The only thing I needed was to get back home to the ones who loved me and would protect me.

Chapter Three


After breakfast, we went back to the motel. Checkout was at eleven, so I had just enough time to give Maddi another bath, washing away the syrup she wore more than ate at breakfast. I wanted to get her settled for another road trip. Gathering everything into our bag, I returned the key to the front desk.

One quick stop at the nearest store to grab a few snacks, and then we’d be on our way.

After a few attempts to start my car, it finally sprang to life, and I felt relief wash through me. It was close to death, and I knew I was pushing it with this trip. I just prayed it held out a few more days. After I was home, I didn’t care if it ever started again.

Maddi was already beginning to doze off for her afternoon nap, but I needed to keep her awake just a little longer.

There I was standing in the aisle, making silly faces at my little girl, while she laughed. Acting crazy was something she loved. At this point I would try anything to keep her alert just a little longer.

I turned to grab a juice off of the center shelf and bumped into a woman. It was actually her stomach that took the brunt of the collision. I looked down at her protruding pregnant belly and felt horrible.

“I am so sorry. Really, truly, sorry.” Great, Alexis. Assault a pregnant lady.

She waved her hand out in front of her. “Oh please, don’t you worry about it. This thing should have some sort of beeper or something. Some hazard sign. It’s always getting in the way.” She laughed.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

She reached out and placed her hand on my arm. “Honestly hon, don’t worry about it. My husband, on the other hand, would insist I be rushed to the ER. He’s driving me insane with his overbearing ways.” She rolled her eyes and then noticed Maddi in the cart.

“Oh, she is beautiful. Those eyes.” She looked on at Maddi in awe, and all I could do was smile in return. Her eyes are her daddy’s, that’s for sure. Those gorgeous blues.

We talked for a few minutes before heading off in opposite directions.

Keeping Maddison awake was getting harder. My poor little girl was exhausted.

Coming out to find I had a flat tire was not what I needed. I stood there staring at it, like that was gonna fix the problem.

Angry tears began to pool in my eyes and I kicked at my wheel. “Son of a bitch.” I growled and kicked it once more.

“Well, I’m not sure that’s gonna help ya much.” I turned to see the pregnant girl from the store staring at me. She smiled and laughed lightly. “Let me call my husband so he can get that changed for ya.” She pulled her phone out of her pocket.

“No! Really, it’s okay.” It honestly wasn’t, not even slightly. But she didn’t owe me anything. “You don’t need to bother him.”

“Hush now,” she insisted.

I watched her as she held the phone to her ear. I could hear a deep voice filter out from the phone but was unable to understand his words.

“I’m fine, beast. Please just listen.” She paused and rolled her eyes. “You are a pain in my ass. I’m fine; the baby is fine. Now will you just get in your truck and come to the grocery store? I have a friend who needs a little help.”

She laughed at something he said. “No, if it was Kori she’d be calling Reed. Just get over here to the market.” She hung up and groaned.

“That man is going to drive me crazy. He is so overprotective. I had to sneak out of the house just to go to the grocery store by myself. If he had it his way, I would be tucked away safely in bed every day and night.” She shook her head. “I was going stir crazy.”