Loving Colt(10)

By: C.A. Harms

“Yeah,” he replied. He still held me close, and I could feel his hands playing with the edges of my hair.

“Do you want to watch something on TV, or do you have to go?” I could feel my stomach begin to tense. I wanted to break the trance that his closeness was causing.

“I can stick around for a little while longer. I have an early morning, but a little TV wouldn’t hurt.” Colt’s voice took on a new deepness I was sure was filled with a hidden desire. I was feeling it too, and it made me nervous as hell.

For the next hour, we sat on the couch watching a show I couldn’t tell you one single thing about. The distance had grown between us, but that was all on me. I made sure I kept the space between us. I just wasn’t sure I was ready for what I knew would happen if I touched him. I knew we were both fighting against the need to feel the other.


Over the last week, every morning I woke to a rose just outside my bedroom door. Colt would stop by every morning and leave it along with a note. They were short and sweet:

Good morning, beautiful.

Have a great day, sweetheart.

Think of me.

Each one made my heart race. I found myself wishing for morning to come quickly so I could see what he would write next. I was letting myself feel something for him, something I told myself I had to stay away from.

My fear of the future repeating itself lay heavily on my mind. Was I being a fool once again? Was I allowing myself to believe that I could be happy and feel loved?

Chapter Seven


“Hey champ, you ready to go harass Granny?” I roughed up the hair on Mikey’s head as I held him in a headlock. He fought against me.

His mom, my sister, had taught him about my weak spot, and now I could only hold him for a short time. The moment I felt his hand grip my side, I let go. Yes, I had a ticklish spot on my side. Maria had a big mouth and gave up my secret.

“I’m ready, but we have to wait on them now.” He motioned over his shoulder toward the hall.

Gavin fussed over Maria, and she swatted at his arm. “I am fine, you brute. My feet work. Will you stop already? The doctor has even told you we are both perfect, so let it go already.”

I chuckled at her obvious annoyance with his over-protective manner. After the loss of their first baby, he hovered over her every move. I can’t say I blame him. A loss like that would scare the shit out of any father. I was sure Maria wouldn’t be able to take another loss like that. This little rug rat would be spoiled for sure, by everyone.

“Will you tell this man that I am not an invalid?” She groaned as she walked toward the front door.

“I just came to pick up my buddy here. You’re on your own with that one over there.” I knelt down and threw Mikey up over my shoulder. I quickly rushed out the door before Maria could stop me. She was close to eight months pregnant, so she wasn’t moving real fast these days.

I chuckled when I heard her call me an ass, just before the door closed to muffle her aggravated voice.


It has been almost two weeks since I convinced Alex to stay here in Brooklet. She planned on looking for an apartment she could rent out month to month, but momma wouldn’t hear of it. She said Maddison and Alex belonged with her, and I had to admit I liked the idea too. They both needed each other in their own ways, and it comforted me to see the closeness develop between them. Alex and Maddison fit in with everyone.

We were all gathering at Kori’s parents’ house for a Sunday lunch. It was actually a baby shower, but Maria was oblivious. She was used to the big get-togethers at Gemma and Bud’s place, so she didn’t suspect a thing.

Kori pulled Alex in under her wing, and both she and Leann made her feel welcome. I thought about the comments she had made about losing all her friends, and it made me feel good about convincing her to stay. She was instantly loved and became part of their little group.

Mikey and I took a seat on the couch and watched the girls rush around the room. They were completing a few last-minute things before the guest of honor arrived.

Alex had on a soft pink dress that hugged her body perfectly, and I couldn’t keep myself from admiring her. I thought I had gone undetected until I caught Gemma giving me a questioning glance. I shifted nervously in the chair, but all she did was smile and wink.

I had kept everything between Alex and me at a very slow pace, or so I tried like hell to do. The last thing she needed was some guy drooling over her. She had enough problems to work through.

I am ten years older; it’s my luck she thinks I’m too old for her. Hell, maybe I am, but I can’t deny I’m attracted to her. That first night I saw her at the diner, she caught my eye.