Italian Billionaire's Unwanted Quadruplets(9)

By: Sophia Lynn

Underneath the water, she reached out, and her slender fingers closed around his heel, touching just for a moment before he thrashed back towards her. She let go just as he twisted around, and then she was circling him again.

She felt as powerful and enduring as the sea as she swam lazy circles around him. If mermaids were real, this was what they would have felt, circling drowning men and holding the power of life and death in their hands.

Sometimes she reached out to touch him, her hands sliding over his shoulder, his waist, his powerful thigh. Once she managed to sweep her fingers through his wet hair, drawing a harsh cry from his lips.

She wondered if his patience would break, making him curse her for her literal tease, but there was only a kind of desperation to his motions, following her as quickly as he could only for her to be gone immediately after.

Pearl found something in her that loved this game, holding all the power in her hands, but just as she was beginning to grow tired, everything changed.

She reached forward, expecting to touch him square in the center of his back, but there was nothing there. For a moment of panic, she wondered if she had somehow lost him. People could drown in far more fortunate circumstances, and for a moment, her blood ran cold.

"Luciano," she started to cry, treading water, and then suddenly there were strong arms around her. For a moment, they both went under, and then Luciano traded the hug for hanging on to one wrist. He did not hold her tightly, but she could tell his hand was as implacable as a manacle; she would not be able to win her way free.

"Come," he said, and he struck off for shore.

"How did you grab me?" she asked, slightly peeved and breathless all at once.

"You had a pattern after a while," he said with a soft laugh. She wondered if there was something slightly sinister about it. "I finally caught on and guessed right."

They were silent until they returned to shore, and as soon as their feet were underneath them, Luciano scooped her up in his arms, carrying her bridal style up to the tree line.

"Our clothes are back that way," she said in alarm, but he only chuckled.

"We don't need them right now."

To her surprise, he led her to a quiet space where the beach met the trees. It was sheltered by an outcropping of rocks that shielded it from any view save the one from the open ocean, and to Pearl's surprise, there was a blanket spread out there.

"When did you have time to do this?" she asked as he laid her down on it.

"I was here before you and your would-be suitor appeared," he said with a slight smile. "I didn't know I would be hunting mermaids, or I might have set up a sturdier base camp.”

Her body had that slightly languorous buzz that it always had after she swam in the ocean. It seemed like the least important thing in the world that she was naked. She rolled over to look at him, aware that he could see everything from her two pert, small breasts to the dense tangle of hair between her legs that guarded her womanly secrets. He stood over her with his arms crossed like a prince reviewing his prisoner, and she looked up at him with a slight smile.

"So you have caught me then, my prince," she said softly. "Tell me, what happens now?"

The moon had come out while they’d played in the water, and now by the silvery light, she could see him lick his lips. It pleased her that she could make his mouth dry, and she leaned back on her elbows, not caring to hide herself from his gaze.

"I think I should inspect you," he said finally. "I've never seen a mermaid like you before. Probably you're worth a great deal."

"Not to anyone that matters," Pearl said reassuringly. "I'm afraid that unless you are willing to take a great loss, you are stuck with me."

"Stuck with you... I don't know if I like the way that sounds. It might be more precise to say that I have won you, and now I don't intend to let you leave."

He came down to stretch out beside her, propping his head on his hand. His free hand brushed gentle fingers down the side of her face, trailing down her throat and then between her breasts. His light touch, never touching anything too sensitive, seemed to awaken a kind of sensitivity she had never thought herself capable of. As he brushed the back of his hand along her thighs, her knees and then up to her hips again, she had to wonder if his touch was somehow trailing fire. She moved restlessly under his hand, encouraging him to touch more and to touch deeper, but he only chuckled, pulling back and moving as he pleased. He had been the one to catch her, however, suddenly Pearl wasn't sure if she felt like playing by the rules anymore.

She reached up and laid her hand over his, pressing it snugly against her breast. She had a brief flare of need and pleasure as he squeezed the soft curve instinctively, but then he drew back again.