Italian Billionaire's Unwanted Quadruplets(10)

By: Sophia Lynn

She thought he might scold her then, but instead, he tumbled over her, his weight pinning her to the blanket. He propped himself up to carry most of his weight on his elbows, and he gazed down on her with eyes that looked nearly black. Then his head was coming down, and he was kissing her again, this time his mouth hot and demanding. There was nothing gentle or tentative about this, nothing that wanted to explore or learn. If the kisses before had been about understanding, this kiss was like a forest fire. The heat from it rolled through her with a kind of scorching intensity, and even as Pearl clung to her prince, she wondered if there would be anything left of her after this was done.

"Perfect little mermaid," Luciano murmured. "Perfectly sweet and all mine, don't think that you can get away, my dear..."

"I wouldn't think of it at all if you could keep me entertained."

His laugh was as deep and dark as the sea itself. "I think I might be able to do that, little one."

Before Pearl could ask him what he meant, he had squirmed down her body. She didn't know what he intended to do at first, but then he was spreading her thighs, lying between them on his belly.

"God, but do you have any idea how very beautiful you are?"

She might have gotten catcallers of every stripe since she was a teenager, but the word “beautiful” in Luciano's mouth made something in her open and yield. It felt too good to have this man call her beautiful. It was too much to have him passing his hands down her thighs, exclaiming at both their strength and their smoothness.

Then he was caressing her delicate petals with his thumbs, running them up and down until she could feel for herself how very hot and wet she was. The sun had set, and the world was cooling down, but there was still a balminess to the air. The heat and humidity in the air was no match for the wetness of Luciano's tongue, however. As he held her slightly open with his fingers, his tongue slid along her furrow as if he was made for her. She felt her back arch at the very first touch of his tongue. He dipped down to taste her opening, and then he returned to the peak of her pleasure where she strained for touch, for something.

"So very perfect," he said. "Who knew that there would be something so very beautiful and grand underneath that gorgeous tail of yours?"

Pearl started to reply, but then his thumbs slid along her channel, gliding up to the apex where her clit yearned for more. Feeling the pressure that even that slight touch provided made her gasp. From how raw her throat was, she realized she had been whimpering and crying out consistently. She just hadn't noticed. She would have blushed if there was anyone on this particular beach to see.

Luciano leaned in and started lapping at her even more fiercely, and her hands fell on his head, tangling in his thick, dark hair. She hung on as best she could, and then Luciano did something so very perfectly that her body stiffened, every muscle seeming to tense into concrete. In that moment of pure and willing stillness, she cried out, her voice echoing over the water as she tossed her head back against the ground. She could feel the tension drain away finally as her body returned to normal. The pleasure that he had given her made her mind blank out with shock.

Pearl was familiar with her body. Everything she hadn't learned from her practical mother she had learned on her own. Her body was made to process this kind of pleasure, and as it rushed through her, she reached for Luciano's hand, clinging tightly as he pressed against her hard.

By the time the pleasure had subsided, Pearl's breath had cooled down as well, but the startling sensitivity between her legs and the strange ache that lived there still made her remember herself. She could almost be embarrassed by how wild and unrestrained she had been, but right now, it mattered less than tending to Luciano.

"Are you all right?" she asked huskily.

He shot her an amused look that somehow managed to have no sting at all. Pearl had a bit of a temper when it came to making sure no one was mocking her, but somehow, when Luciano laughed at her, she could sense no malice to it at all.

"That was a complete act in and of itself, darling, and if you needed to end things there, that would be fine. However, I don't mind telling you that I am far from done."

She started to ask what he meant, but then he lay down beside her on the blanket. With a single graceful movement, he rolled her on top of his body.

Dear god, but he's strong, she had time to think, and then she was looking down at him, mounted over his thighs and looking at his prone and gorgeous body.

"Do you like what you see, little mermaid?" he asked with a smirk, and she snapped her teeth at him.

"You know very well I do," she said with something like dignity, and he saluted her mockingly.