If You Dare(9)

By: Evelyn Troy

Zoe didn’t feel safe at all, but there was nothing she could do about it, and in all honesty there was nothing that she wanted to do to stop him from doing what he was doing. She gasped out a moan as the finger was withdrawn from her aching body, suddenly feeling empty and definitely feeling needy. She felt Dawson move away from her but he was back within no time at all and Zoe found herself holding her breath again while she waited to see what he was going to do to her next. She desperately wanted more than his finger inside her, she finally admitted to herself, and the anticipation of it was driving her up the wall.

Zoe felt Dawson’s hand on her buttocks again and he placed one of his feet between hers and kicked her legs wide apart. Then his finger returned to slide between her lips and she gasped again when he found her clit with unerring precision. Of course, the fact that it was swollen with lust made it an easy task for him to do.

Zoe gave another moan as he started to rub her clit again, alternating between sliding his finger between her lips to coat it in her juices and thrusting it up into her aching pussy before returning to her clit and starting the process all over again. She could feel a heat start to build up in the pit of her stomach and tingles ran up and down her spine. Her nipples puckered and tightened into hard peaks and she knew that her orgasm was close.

“You’re such a responsive little slut, aren’t you?” She moaned at his words, but was unable to voice a response. “How close are you, Zoe?”

“I’m close. So close.” For the life of her she couldn’t say more than that; she just gripped onto the radiator and prayed that it would hold her up. She could feel her clit pulsating under his touch, and just when she thought she was going to fall over the edge in to an earth-shattering climax, she howled with pain. “Oh my God! What did you do?” she wailed, as a pain unlike any other shot through her nether regions.

“Look down and you’ll see.” Dawson’s voice almost held a hint of curiosity in it, and as Zoe looked down she saw that he was watching her face closely. Her eyes continued to seek out what he had done and then went wide when she noticed something that shouldn’t have been there; something that she would never have thought would or could have been used this way. Dawson had attached a small bulldog clip to her clit, effectively pinching her and sending torrents of the most unbelievably pleasurable pain running through her shaking body.

Her eyes flew to Dawson’s face again and she moaned out loud for the umpteenth time when she noticed that he was licking his finger and sucking her juices from it. The alien feeling between her legs was becoming almost unbearable, and Zoe wasn’t sure how much more of it she could handle. “Please, Dawson. Take it off, please. It hurts.”

“Just breathe through it, Zoe. You’ve done well and it’s almost over.” She flushed at his praise and then mentally berated herself for feeling proud. Kinky freak. “How are your nipples feeling, Zoe?” She had completely forgotten all about the paperclips that were still attached to her tits, and as a result was surprised when Dawson mentioned it.

“Okay. They feel okay. It’s not hurting at all.” The surprise she felt was mirrored in her voice.

Dawson got to his feet and stood by the side of her and Zoe’s hand itched to reach out and touch the hard bulge that was still very much in evidence in his pants. It took a lot of mental effort to stop herself, but she knew that if she touched him he would punish her again.

Dawson had seen her looking though, and he chuckled softly. “Is this what you want, Zoe?” He placed his hand over his crotch and rubbed it up and down; Zoe could feel her eyes getting even wider. She nodded and licked her lips, unaware of the movement until Dawson gave a moan of his own as he saw the tip of her tongue poke out from her wanton mouth.

She watched him shake his head almost imperceptibly, as though he was giving himself a mental chastising. Then he reached a hand forward and pulled a paperclip off one of her nipples. Pain shot through Zoe’s breast, bringing tears to her eyes. The other paperclip was removed equally as quick and she gasped loudly, “Shit!”

Zoe didn’t think that it could get any worse, but then she saw Dawson take the ruler back out of his pants pocket and she gulped; she’d thought wrong. Dawson swung the ruler and as it connected, Zoe’s clit tried to swell even more. The fact that it was still imprisoned in the bulldog clip’s vice-like grip made it impossible though. Dawson tilted his head down so that his mouth was level with her ear. “That was number five, Zoe. Just in case you’d forgotten.”