If You Dare(8)

By: Evelyn Troy

“What do you say, Zoe?”

She had to stop and think for a split second before she understood what he meant. “One!”

As soon as she’d said it, the ruler was brought down on her ass again; just under her buttocks this time. Zoe winced and let out a small yelp, but so far it wasn’t hurting too badly. “Two!”

“You’re doing well.” His voice was approving, but Zoe could hear the underlying tension in his tone. It was almost as though he was holding back, but she didn’t know if he was holding back so he didn’t hit her too hard with the ruler, or if he was finding it hard to do this to her. “Of course, you still have your panties on which are muting the sensations somewhat.”

Zoe was waiting for the third strike to come, but instead she jumped when she felt his hands on the waistband of her underwear. Before she knew it, Dawson had pulled her panties down to her knees, leaving her bottom bare, vulnerable and visibly quivering with nervous excitement. She tried to bring her free hand back in an attempt to cover herself from his eyes, but he tapped at her knuckles with his ruler. “What did I tell you about being punished, Zoe?”

She pulled her hand back quickly, wincing at the sting on her knuckles and amazed that her hand hurt more than her ass did right now. You’ve turned into a kinky freak, Zoe.

She braced herself again; expectantly waiting for the punishment that she was sure was going to occur. Dawson didn’t disappoint, and as the ruler connected with her bare ass she couldn’t help the yelp of pain that escaped her lips. “Ow! Fucking hell, Dawson!”

“I didn’t hear you count, Zoe.” He hit her again; putting more effort into it this time and making her jump even more.

“Three! Four.” Her ass felt like it was on fire, but she could feel herself getting damp between her legs and her clit throbbed mercilessly, almost as though it was begging her to rub it. She clamped her legs together, trying to alleviate the ache and being careful to keep them and her back straight so that Dawson wouldn’t be tempted to punish her any more than he was already.

The ruler came down twice more and Zoe made sure that she counted out loud with each connection. He was careful not to hit her more than once in the same place and as a consequence her entire ass felt like it was on fire. She could feel sweat running down her spine and her legs were trembling with the effort it took to keep them straight. Zoe really wasn’t sure how much more of this she could take but at the same time she perversely didn’t want it to end either. Yep. Definitely a kinky freak.

Almost as though he could sense her discomfort, or maybe he knew how erotic she was finding her punishment, Dawson stopped swinging the ruler. Zoe bit back the moan of protest that tried to escape; she really didn’t want to let him know just how much she was turned on right now. That, to her, would have been the ultimate humiliation and she wasn’t sure that she could have handled it. While she might have been able to hide her first moan, when she felt the warmth of his hand on the cheeks of her ass, Zoe could do nothing to stop the breathless one that followed.

“Your ass is just perfect like this.” Dawson’s voice was gruff and it made Zoe feel a little better to know that he was also turned on right now. She moaned again as he rubbed his palm over her buttocks and then she felt his other hand sliding down between the cheeks of her ass and finding the moist slickness of her pussy. Okay, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to let him touch. At last her inner voice was starting to see things from her point of view.

“You like this more than you thought you would, don’t you?” Zoe could feel his finger spreading her lips as he searched out the hood of her clit, and she groaned out loud when he skimmed over the top of the sensitized, swollen bud.

“You just want me to like it because then you can feel justified in doing it to me.” Zoe’s voice was breathless and even she could hear the tone of longing in her words. She couldn’t believe how much she actually liked feeling his hands on her. Even though she’d always found him attractive, she’d never thought of him in a sexual way before.

“I don’t need to feel justified in anything, Zoe. You’re the one who came to me, remember?” He started to make small circles with his finger over the top of her clit, making it hard for Zoe to even think about a response and even harder for her to voice it. “You’ve been dying to know why those women leave here with a smile on their face, haven’t you? The curiosity has been killing you. And now, just because you’ve handed in your notice, you thought you were safe when you came here and hurled all those insults at me.” He paused, and the finger that had been driving her insane was pushed knuckle deep into her pussy. “How safe are you feeling now, little girl?”