If You Dare(7)

By: Evelyn Troy

She held her breath when she felt him move his attention to her pubic mound and then his mouth was suckling at her clit through the lace of her panties while his finger inched beneath the elastic and slid between her folds to open her up to him. You really need to put a stop to this. Now!

“Oh my God!” Her free hand found its way to his head, almost of its own volition, and she tangled her fingers in its thickness, pushing her hips towards him while she pulled his head even harder into her. “Shit, Dawson. That feels so good.” She totally ignored her inner voice and did the exact opposite of what it had been telling her to do.

It did feel good but it was over way too soon as he pulled his head away from her while giving her a swift swat on the side of her ass cheek at the same time. “Who is in control here?” His tone was brusque. “Who told you that you could try and make me do what you wanted?” He was stern, but she still wasn’t afraid, quite the opposite, in fact.

Zoe felt him move away from her and all at once she felt cold. In a weird way it was as though her comfort blanket had been removed and she didn’t know what to do without it. She was almost relieved when he gave her another order to follow.

“Turn around and face the wall.” His tone brooked no argument, not that she even thought of defying him anyway. “Put your hands on top of the radiator and scoot your feet backwards.” She did as he asked without question. “Further, Zoe. I want to see your legs and your back straight and your ass out.” She did as she was told and then she listened to him walk away but he came back quickly and she breathed a sigh of relief.

Zoe didn’t think that she had ever felt so vulnerable before and she wasn’t sure that she liked it very much. But the thought of not doing what he told her to didn’t cross her mind once. Maybe it was the alcohol she’d consumed earlier on, or maybe she was just a kinky bitch at heart and hadn’t realized it until this point in time. Whatever the reason, she didn’t have time to analyze it right now. It was definitely something she would have to think about later on though.

Once again Dawson stopped her train of thought. She felt him untie the knot at the back of her head and she blinked as the blindfold was removed from her eyes. “Look down at yourself, Zoe.” She did, and was amazed to see paperclips on her nipples. “They don’t hurt anymore, do they?”

She shook her head and then remembered that he needed to hear her speak. “No, they don’t.”

“I’m going to leave them on for a short while longer, but I’m going to warn you now that it will hurt like a bitch when I take them off.” While he’d been talking, Dawson had moved around to the side of her and Zoe tilted her head to look up at him, her eyes going wide when she saw the obvious bulge of arousal in his pants. Her eyes traveled further upwards and then stopped on the item he was holding in his hand. The wooden ruler was something that one would expect to see in most offices but judging by the way he was tapping it on his palm while he looked at her, she had a sinking feeling that he wasn’t going to be measuring anything with it. Uh oh.

“There’s something that you need to understand Zoe. I am in control. Always. There are no exceptions to this rule, nor will there ever be.” He was staring right at her face as he spoke and the expression in his eyes let her know in no uncertain terms that he was being deadly serious. “If I want you to do something, I won’t ask you to do it, I will tell you to. On the same note if you want something doing to you, you will not ask me, you will beg me. Once again there are no exceptions to this rule. Have I made myself clear?”

“Yes, you have.” Not for the first time, Zoe wondered what the hell she had gotten herself into. But it was too late to do anything about it now other than agree with whatever he said.

“If you forget these rules at any time you can be sure of one thing; you will be punished.” Zoe’s eyes got wide again as she looked quickly back at the wooden ruler and heard the intent in Dawson’s voice that was so apparent that even a deaf person would have heard it.

Dawson walked back around to stand behind her and Zoe felt herself tense up as she braced herself for what she knew was coming next. “I want you to count for me Zoe. Every time I hit you with the ruler I want you to count the strikes out. Are you ready?”

She didn’t even have time to answer him. Before she’d even opened her mouth to say a word he brought the ruler down on her ass; hard. Zoe’s breath left her in a hiss as her back arched downwards, instinctively moving her away from him.