If You Dare(6)

By: Evelyn Troy

Only a few minutes passed before she heard Dawson’s soft footsteps walking back towards her, and then all temptation of trying to see what he was up to was taken out of her hands. Zoe briefly saw the color of his tie as he brought it in front of her face from his position behind her and then he was pulling it tightly over her eyes and securing it in a knot at the back of her head.

She had never been blindfolded before and Zoe wasn’t completely convinced that she wanted to be now but she didn’t really have a say in the matter. You always have a say, girl. She was becoming increasingly nervous but she still knew that Dawson would do nothing that would physically or mentally harm her, and if she really wanted to leave she would only have to say so and he would release her right away.

Zoe felt Dawson’s hands on her shoulders and he turned her slowly so that her back was now against the wall with her ass resting on top of the radiator. She vacantly thought to herself that she was relieved that it was summertime and the radiator was turned off before all mundane thoughts fled from her mind when she felt his hands come up to cup her breasts once more. She moaned as he rolled his thumbs over her sensitive nipples and she felt them get even harder in response.

Being without vision meant that her other senses were on overdrive, and Zoe felt her pulse quicken as she breathed in the heady scent of his masculine cologne. She felt the warmth of his breath a split second before she felt his lips take the place of one of his hands and his teeth bit down gently, clamping down onto the ever-hardening peak. He switched his attention to her other breast and gave it the same treatment. Zoe felt his thick hair brush against her skin, making her long to be able to tangle her fingers in its thickness and pull him into her even harder.

“Does that feel good?” He moved his head away from her just far enough to be able to talk. Zoe moaned and nodded her head. “Verbal, please Zoe. There might be a time when I might not be able to see you so I need to hear you speak.”

“Y-yes, it feels good.” Was that really her voice she heard? She sounded as though she was parched and her throat was dry or she hadn’t spoken in a very long time. “It feels v-very good.” Slut.

Zoe moaned again as he went back to caressing her tits but her moan quickly turned to a yelp when he pinched her nipples between his fingers and thumbs. “Do you trust me?” Dawson’s voice was curious but she could also hear an underlying tone of lust which made her clit throb in response. “Remember, I need to hear you answer me.”

“Yes, I trust you.” Her answer was brief but it was all she could manage right now. You’re a fool. She wished that she could turn her inner voice off, or at least gag it, but she seemed doomed to hear it lecturing her at every given opportunity.

Dawson went back to suckling at her breast and the sensations were almost overwhelming. Zoe cried out when he removed his mouth and all she could feel was cold wetness as he blew across her nipple, making it even harder. With relief Zoe felt his fingers return to her swollen bud, but her relief was short-lived when she felt the pain of something being applied to the sensitive skin.

“What the…” Her words were cut short when she felt her other nipple being given the same treatment and she howled out in pain. “Ow! Ow! Owww!” I told you that you couldn’t trust him.

“Breathe, Zoe. Shush now, it doesn’t hurt that much does it?” From the direction his voice came from she guessed that he was on his knees in front of her with his head level with her chest. The thoughts that ran through her mind at that split moment in time made her forget the pain in her nipples. She wanted to feel his mouth against her pussy, and her clit throbbed and pulsed again in agreement with her thoughts.

“Good girl. See? I knew you’d be able to handle a little bit of pain.” She thought she heard pride in his voice and she felt herself blush with irrational pleasure at his words. Zoe felt his hands on her ankles and he adjusted her stance by moving her legs further apart, leaving her core open to his gaze. She couldn’t help being thankful that for some unknown reason she put on her best lingerie that morning when she was getting dressed. She would have been mortified if she had been wearing her comfortable cotton panties.

Zoe became incapable of thought once again, which seemed to be becoming a regular occurrence, when she felt Dawson trail his hands up her calves to her thighs. “Do you know how delicious you look right now?” His voice was husky with desire and Zoe moaned in response. “If you could see me you would see how hard my cock is and how much it’s straining to get out of my pants so I can bury it inside you.” Zoe’s breath caught in her throat at his crude words. She wasn’t a prude by any means but she wasn’t used to being talked to like this. Hell, for that matter she wasn’t exactly used to being tied up and blindfolded in her boss’s office either. Wait, make that ex-boss.