If You Dare(5)

By: Evelyn Troy

“What the hell...” Her words trailed off as he moved to quickly attach the other half of the offending item to the radiator. There were a million and one things that she could have said to him, but the words that fell from her surprised lips were, “Now I wonder why you keep these things in your office? You’ve been training them huh?” Zoe wasn’t usually prone to sarcasm, but Dawson seemed to bring out the worst in her.

She looked at his face curiously as she spoke. Zoe wasn’t scared; she instinctively knew that he wouldn’t do anything to cause her harm. Her heart was pounding nonetheless though, and as she looked up into Dawson’s face she couldn’t help wondering if it was his intent to show her exactly what he did with his ‘lady friends’ when the office door was closed. She watched as his pupils dilated and, without conscious thought, she moved her head towards him, touching her mouth to his lips in a tentative kiss.

It was as though she’d shot him, or at the very least pinched him with her long nails, because his head was pulled away from hers so quickly that she was surprised that he didn’t trap a nerve in his neck. Zoe felt her own face turning red as she looked at his. She couldn’t decide whether it was embarrassment or repulsion that she saw there, but either way, it rankled. I’m not that bad. Am I?

Dawson took a step back; his expression still enigmatic. He looked Zoe up and down slowly and she felt her cheeks burn. She had sobered up fast, and now she didn’t know what to say or do. She should never have come here tonight, she did know that much. I tried telling you, didn’t I? Her inner voice was really starting to piss her off now.

As quickly as he’d stepped away from her, Dawson moved forwards again, and Zoe almost forgot to breathe. Was he going to kiss her this time, she wondered distractedly. She got her answer a split second later, but instead of his face coming towards her it was his hands that darted out. Taking hold of her dress by the neckline, he yanked his hands sideways, effectively tearing the garment off her and leaving Zoe standing there in just her bra and panties as he stepped back once more.

Zoe could do nothing but gasp in shock as her one free hand came up to try to cover her now almost naked body. “Don’t!” It was just a single word but the authority in it had her hand falling back to her side, leaving herself open to his heated gaze. She knew that right now she should be afraid; but she wasn’t. On the contrary, Zoe was more turned-on than she could remember being in a very long time. She could feel her heart pounding as she waited for him to make his next move. I am never drinking again. Not ever.

He took a step closer; so close that Zoe was convinced that he would be able to feel the heat emanating from her trembling body. Then he placed his large manly hands on her curvaceous hips, his fingertips digging into her flesh with just enough pressure to be firm but not painful. Zoe watched his face as he looked down at her and his lustful expression turned her on just as much as his power did. She was lost for words at last, and she couldn’t help wishing that she’d been lost for them when she’d first walked into his office.

“Do you really want to know what goes on in my office, Zoe?” Dawson traced his palms upwards as he spoke, tracing her rib cage and stopping just beneath her breasts. If her life had depended on it there was no way that she could have taken a breath. “I mean, really want to know?” His eyes came up to catch her gaze as he asked the question; boring into her with a palpable intensity.

Zoe couldn’t talk, so she satisfied herself with giving a slight nod of her head, all the while wishing that he would carry on moving his hands upwards to her puckered nipples. Don’t do this, Zoe. Don’t let him do this.

“I want to hear you say it.” Dawson was insistent and Zoe swallowed to try to clear her throat before trying to speak.

“Yes.” Her voice was a mere whisper but she held his gaze and tried again. “Yes, I do.” Oh crap. What have you gone and done now?

At last he moved his palms, cupping her tits through her lacy bra and squeezing her ample orbs none too gently. “Turn to face the wall and stay there.” His voice was still filled with authority and Zoe did as he instructed without question, although she couldn’t help wondering to herself where exactly she was likely to go given the fact that she was still handcuffed to the radiator.

She listened intently as Dawson walked away from her and the sound of his desk drawer opening and closing had her curiosity piqued all over again. She badly wanted to turn her head to see what he was doing, but she instinctively knew that she would be in trouble if she even tried. You don’t want to know. You really don’t want to know.