If You Dare(39)

By: Evelyn Troy

“I don’t think paper towels are going to be enough somehow. I kind of made a mess all over your ass, and when you sat down on the floor your dress stuck to it.”

He was doing his best to stop laughing but was failing miserably, and for the life of her Zoe couldn’t be mad at him. This was the first time she had ever seen him relax enough to actually laugh, and there was no way she was going to try and stop him. He looked younger somehow, and she made a personal note to make him laugh at least once a month when they met for their meetings.

“Turn around. Let me see if I can help.” Dawson put some of the paper towels under the tap to get them wet and then tried valiantly to mop up the mess he had made on Zoe’s ass.

“Let you help? You’re the one that made the mess in the first place.” Zoe was still laughing and Dawson gave her bum a quick swat with the palm of his hand.

“Less of your cheek madam, or I might fire you.”

“I’ll quit before I let that happen. I’m good at that, remember?” She probably shouldn’t have reminded him about how she’d tried to blackmail him when she’d quit, but a quick look at his face in the reflection of the mirror let her know that he had taken her joke for what it was.

Dawson finished cleaning her up as best he could and then pulled her dress back down over her hips. He bent down and retrieved their underwear from the floor, handing her panties to her before putting his own boxers back on. By the time he’d pulled his trousers on and done them up, Zoe had rinsed her face and finger combed her hair in an effort to make it look like she hadn’t just been thoroughly fucked in the airplane’s bathroom.

“Do you want me to go out first to make sure the coast is clear?”

She breathed a sigh of relief at Dawson’s words. Zoe would have been mortified if she stepped out of the room and bumped into one of the flight attendants. “If you wouldn’t mind.” She nodded her head at Dawson.

Dawson straightened his clothes up and gave himself a quick once over in the mirror, then walked to Zoe and pulled her into him for a quick kiss. “Count to fifty and then follow me out.”

Zoe chuckled at that. He made it sound like they were on a top-secret mission or something, and she had to admit to liking it and to liking this side of him. She held her breath as Dawson opened the door and stuck his head out to make sure the coast was clear before quickly and silently exiting the room, pulling the door closed behind him. She waited for the allotted time and then opened the door and followed him out, walking back to her chair quickly and trying not to notice when the gentleman who was sat with his wife gave her a knowing wink as she passed him.

As she sat back down in her seat, Dawson leaned towards her. “I think our champagne went flat. Shall I order another bottle?”

“That would be nice, thank you.” Zoe smiled at him and then continued, “After all, I am celebrating. I just got offered this amazing job working for a man who’s a complete asshole and a control freak, but who has definite potential when he lets himself go.”

Dawson reached to press the button that would call the flight attendant to them, and then he turned to look at her again with a matching smile on his face. “Well I hope that he appreciates the fact that he has somebody with so much potential working for him. Just don’t go hoping that you are going to be able to completely change him, because in my experience I can tell you now that it won’t happen.” The attendant arrived and then hurried off to fetch the champagne that Dawson asked for.

“Oh I wouldn’t want him to change completely. I quite like the freaky side of him, especially when he’s teaching me things that I didn’t know about myself.”

“In that case it sounds like the perfect position for you.” Their champagne arrived and Dawson poured them both a fresh glass. “I believe a toast is in order. Here’s to new jobs, better prospects and new experiences. May all three of them be as freaky as you want them, as exciting as you need them and as fulfilling as both you and your new boss would like them to be.”

Zoe smiled as they chinked their glasses together. “I’ll definitely drink to that.”

Evelyn Troy