If You Dare(2)

By: Evelyn Troy

She wasn’t jealous. Much. The fact that Dawson floated her boat in the looks department was immaterial. Wasn’t it? In a foul mood, and wanting to get her formal resignation over with, she spent the rest of the afternoon pounding at the keyboard of her computer and stapling letters and booklets together, taking great delight in imagining that she was piercing various parts of her boss’s anatomy whilst alternating between glaring at his still closed door and frowning at the clock.

It was almost time for Zoe to leave when Dawson’s door eventually opened and the mystery female walked out in a cloud of expensive perfume and a ‘cat that got the cream’ smile on her face. Zoe stood up from her desk, picked up the envelope that held her resignation and walked with a determined gait towards Dawson’s now-open door, reaching the threshold just as the man in question reached it from inside the room.

“I need to have a quick word with you please, Dawson.”

“No interruptions for the rest of the day please, Zoe.”

They spoke at the exact same time and as Zoe was about to repeat what she had said, her boss simply swung the door closed, leaving her standing there, open-mouthed with surprised indignation. You cannot be fucking serious, she muttered under her breath as she turned and walked back to her desk with her resignation still in her hand. At this rate she would be drawing her pension before she got to quit this shitty job.

With her mood now firmly ensconced in the dungeon department, Zoe decided to call it a day and powered down her computer. She didn’t give a damn that there were still thirty minutes left on the clock. Dawson probably wouldn’t even notice that she’d gone anyway and even if he did, what was he going to do; fire her? Sounds good to me, she thought as she stomped out of the office towards the parking lot where her old jalopy of a car was parked.

Halfway there Zoe paused and turned back around, walking briskly in the opposite direction towards a bar that she frequented on occasion. If anything was deserving of a stiff drink or three, it was the day that she’d had and the subsequent mood she was in. She would take a taxi home and collect her car when she left work the following day.

A short time later Zoe was sitting at a table in the darkest corner of the bar nursing a vodka and orange and a shot of Jägermeister; both of which disappeared rapidly, leaving her with a nice warm inner glow. She got herself another vodka and orange, deciding to leave off the Jäger for now and sat back down to think over her options. She deserved to have a life, didn’t she? Surely Dawson would understand that, and if he didn’t then tough titties; she’d made her mind up.

Zoe picked up her drink and drained the glass, ordering herself another as the waitress walked by her. She felt a little better now; definitely not so pissed off anymore. Coming here was a damn good idea, even if I do say so myself, she thought, as the waitress placed her fresh drink on the table in front of her. In fact, I need to do more stuff like this. I need to be more impetuous and do things that make me feel good; like travelling and actually making some money so that I can travel in style. She took a slow sip of her drink and sat back in the chair, feeling more relaxed than she had in what felt like ages.

Zoe knew she really shouldn’t feel so annoyed by the day’s turn of events; even though she hadn’t managed to hand in her resignation letter, it had given her time to expand on her severance demands. She smiled to herself whilst she compiled a mental list of things to insist upon; a higher pay packet that even she knew she wasn’t going to get, but it was worth a shot. The company owned shares in one of the major international airlines, so she was going to ask for discounts on flights. And, she wanted a new car. Okay, so that one was really pushing her luck, but she really did want one and it couldn’t hurt to ask, right? Right!

Zoe finished her fourth drink and then glanced around the bar before touching a finger to her nose. Okay, she could still feel it, just. So she wasn’t completely off her face yet. Maybe one more drink and then she’d make her way home. The ‘one more’ turned into three more, by which time it wasn’t just Zoe’s nose that was numb; her whole face was. She was more than a little tipsy but still sober enough to realize that enough was enough and she needed to go home.

Her good intentions didn’t last long though. As she was walking towards the door to leave, a man who had been eyeing her up the whole time she’d been there stopped Zoe. She hadn’t noticed him, of course, because if she had she would have avoided him like the plague. As it was, the fact that she was three sheets to the wind meant that she found him totally irresistible, so when he asked her if she wanted to dance she eagerly dragged him off to the small but adequate dance floor.