If You Dare(10)

By: Evelyn Troy

Zoe groaned again. “Five,” she gasped.

“Good girl.” The ruler was brought down again, quickly followed by two more strikes in quick succession.

“Six! Seven! Eight! Fuck!” Zoe was openly crying now, not making any attempt to hide her tears simply because she was unaware of them. She had never felt so humiliated, frustrated or turned on in all her life, and if he didn’t let her come soon, she had a very real fear that she might pass out.

Dawson smacked her again. “Nine!” And then as the ruler connected with her burning hot ass for the tenth time, he quickly and simultaneously removed the bulldog clip with his other hand. Zoe lost it; she didn’t just fall into her orgasm, she hurtled towards it and embraced it. It felt as though her pussy exploded and with a sense of disbelief, she felt her juices running down her legs that were shaking so much she could no longer hold herself up. Her knees finally gave way and she crumpled to the floor; one arm up and over the radiator because it was still attached by the handcuffs.

It felt as though she couldn’t breathe but in all actuality she was panting so hard that she was almost sobbing. Zoe felt rather than heard a click as Dawson unlocked the handcuffs and her arm fell limply into her lap. Finally getting her breathing under control, Zoe looked up at Dawson who was still stood looking down at her with an enigmatic expression on his handsome face. Zoe had no idea just how beautiful she looked to him in that moment; her panties around her ankles, her breasts pulled up and out of her bra, and streaks of mascara running down her shocked face.

Zoe had wanted to feel him inside her but it soon became evident that Dawson was not going to let that happen. He extended his hand and took hers, helping Zoe to her feet and giving her time to steady herself before he let go. “You can use my bathroom to clean up.” He nodded his head in the room’s direction. “In the cabinet under the sink you’ll find a dress that I think will fit you. It might be a little too large but it will do you until you can get home.”

Zoe hadn’t even thought about the dress that he had ripped from her body, and she had certainly not given a thought to how she was going to go home dressed only in her bra and panties. The fact that Dawson had thought about it added to the humiliation and shame Zoe was feeling, and she hurried off to the bathroom to straighten up, put some clothes on and try and get her mind back to some kind of normality.

Zoe returned a short while later wearing some nondescript black dress she had found under his sink. Her face was washed and devoid of makeup and if her legs were still a little bit shaky, now it was because of nerves at facing Dawson again rather than the fact that he had made her body feel an unbelievable mixture of pleasure and pain; she was completely mortified. As well you should be. Her inner voice was back with a vengeance.

Dawson had seated himself back behind his desk, looking up at her as she walked back into the room. Zoe wasn’t sure what she was supposed to say to him, or even if she could say anything to him, but Dawson soon took care of the problem for her, much to her relief.

“Is your curiosity satisfied now?” Zoe knew that she was blushing bright red and she decided not to even attempt an answer. “Now you know what goes on behind my closed office door and why every woman that leaves here does so with a smile on her face.” Zoe cast her eyes downwards and simply stared at a spot on his desk so that he would hopefully not be able to see how ashamed of herself she was.

“You can have your severance package, Zoe.” Her eyes flew back to his face. Was he being serious? “Everything you asked for; the car, the money and even the discount on any flights you might make over the course of the next twelve months.” Zoe couldn’t believe her ears. Was he really agreeing with everything she wanted? Wow, girl, that’s a win for the record books.

“There is a stipulation, however.” Dawson looked back down at the papers he held in his hands. “You are never to come back here to these offices.” That was absolutely fine as far as Zoe was concerned. “Furthermore, you will endeavor to ensure that you are never in the same room as me at any time. Ever.” He looked back up at her. “That last point is non-negotiable. Do I make myself clear, Zoe?”

She nodded her head. “Yes, you do. Perfectly clear.” As though she would ever want to be in the same room as him after this, she thought. Hell, she couldn’t wait to get out of here now, so why would she want to put herself back in the same predicament?