I, Porn Star (I #1)(136)

By: Zara Cox

His smile disappeared. “She won’t be conducting the search. I brought you here because now I’ve seen you, now I have you, Bethany Green, I refuse to let anyone else touch you.”

He took that last step until they were a whisper apart. His head lowered and his nostrils flared as he breathed her in, the sharp tinge of need in his every exhale. “Are you ready?” he rasped.

She looked up at him, every nerve in her body tightening with need.

“No. You’re about to put your hands on me and I don’t even know your name.”

“My name is Zachary Savage. You can call me Zach. In fact, I prefer it. Because Zachary is too long for the many times I intend for you to scream my name when I make you come.”