Heart of the Hunter(9)

By: Chance Carter

I lost control and exposed myself. I felt like I was an animal at the zoo with families gathered around waiting to see which carcass I would devour next. So I just stood there, waiting. Waiting for one of them to make the wrong move and then I would really show them who I was. Show them who they had been working with all week or serving that morning.

Go ahead, motherfuckers. I’m begging you. Just one wrong move.

As I gritted my teeth and waited to finish what I’d started, two soft hands reached out and placed their palms on my rising and falling chest, as if sensing what I was about to do.

“Thank you, Hunter, thank you,” Kelly said, looking me in the eye. “No one ever stood up for me like that.”

I was dumbstruck. She leaned into me and lay her head against my panting chest, and began to cry softly.

Thank you?

What the fuck?

I slowly came back into the moment and remembered what had started all of this. The shoulder bump, the sick feeling in my stomach standing in front of the auto shop, the indescribable pull to go back to the diner, the twisted fuck’s hand going up Kelly’s skirt. I could feel the same white hot rage begin to boil inside of me and clenched my fist tight as I looked down at the limp body I was still holding, but then I saw Kelly’s head resting against me and was brought back again.

Enough for today, kid.

Keep it together.

“Thank you, thank you,” Kelly kept repeating as she lay her head on me.

I would have held her, but I was afraid if I pulled her close she would feel what I had growing down the right leg of my pants. Between the beating I just put down and having her small, soft body so close, I could practically taste her tears. My cock sprung up like a call to fucking duty. I could smell her hair underneath my nose and feel her tits pressed against my stomach. I needed to fuck her or leave that town forever, but I couldn’t do either. I had done enough damage for one morning. If I fucked up, none of these people would be safe.

Thank God I’d stopped short of killing these two pricks.

Why did I stop?

I couldn’t think straight, which was unlike me in these situations. Blood and chipped teeth were like home to me.

Get your shit together, pal. Get this broad off you and figure this shit out.

“You ok, sweetheart?” I asked Kelly. “I was just walking back to see if I left my wallet here and then,” I swept my hand in front of the scene of destruction all around us.

“I’m okay,” she said, “thanks to you.”

Thanks to me? Yeah, fucking thanks to me. I couldn’t be trusted to lay low even when my life depended on it.

I cleared my throat.

“Yeah, like I was saying, I was just walking back to see if I left my wallet and I saw that puke reaching for you and I, I, I just lost it.”

“You stopped them,” she said, gazing up at me with those same green, doe eyes I’d been mesmerized by earlier.

Now they were filled with tears. Goddamn, she was beautiful. I wanted to take her right then and there, throw her against the wall, and fuck her so she could feel what an animal I was, not just see what I could do, but feel it inside her. My cock was aching more by the second and I wanted to pull her close so she could feel it grow against her body.

“Stopped them? Stopped them?” Dennis said. “I’ll say. Is that one even breathing? Who in the hell are you, Hunter?”

He slowly pulled his doughy body off the ground. Goodbye, hard on. Nothing like watching that man struggle to kill a good fuck me moment.

“Fuck, Dennis, I’m sorry, pal. I just saw the guy with his hand where it shouldn’t be and I lost it. I did some boxing back in Boston and sometimes I forget my strength.”

Pretty fucking smooth, kid. Maybe not as dumb as you thought.

“Well, I’ve seen boxing and I’ve surely never seen that. You’re damn right you lost it, boy. You okay, Kelly? Grace? Grace, dear, where are you? Are you okay?”

“I, I, I,” Grace stammered, as she made her way through the human rubble I had scattered across her diner floor. “I just, I don’t, what in the world happened? I was downstairs for two minutes and I come back to all hell breaking loose.”

“I know, Grace,” I said, “fuck, I’m sorry.”

“Language, young man. You’ve turned my diner into some sort of war zone and I won’t have you cursing in my face on top of it,” she said. “I’m calling the sheriff. What the devil happened here? Are they dead? What did you do?”

Control yourself, Hunter.

That’s what I told myself as I watched Grace call the sheriff. This could be it. This could be the thing that ran me out of town, or worse, brought my problems from home down on me. I could feel my chest tensing again, and Kelly placed her palms harder against me. It was almost like she could read my mind.