Heart of the Hunter(8)

By: Chance Carter

“Please,” I stammered.

I couldn’t even get the word out of my mouth before I saw the friend knocked out of his seat and onto his back on the ground. Before I could register what had happened, a cup of scalding hot coffee splashed across my attacker’s face. I was so confused and I felt dizzy in all the commotion.

Between the screaming of the one guy, frantically trying to wipe the burning liquid off his face, and the blur of a boot heel being brought down on the one on the ground, I had no idea what was happening. But somehow, I immediately knew who it was. Hunter.

Where had he come from? I didn’t even hear the door open or see him until it was all happening. When he turned his attention from the man on the ground to the one who had grabbed me, I saw his eyes. It was brief and he didn’t look directly at me, but he made sure I knew why he was there and who he was doing it for. It was the same intensity I’d felt when he touched me. Now it was firing out of him, but it was different. It was equally primal, but this time it frightened me. Not for my own safety, but for anyone that got in his way.

Was he enjoying this?

He got one hand wrapped around the collar on the man’s shirt and he brought the other down in a heavy fist knocking him clean out of his chair and silencing his screams. It was hard enough to hurt the man worse than anything he’d felt before, but not hard enough to satisfy Hunter. The man would have hit the floor had Hunter not held him by the neck of his shirt as he repeatedly hit him. All I could do was stand there. I didn’t know how to make it stop. I knew I couldn’t make it stop.

Suddenly, someone came running from the bathroom in the back. It was Dennis.

“Hunter. Hunter. What are you doing, boy? You’ll kill him.”

He ran over and attempted to wrap his arms around Hunter and stop what was happening, but it was as if he wasn’t there at all. With one effortless shrug of his broad shoulders, Hunter flung Dennis backwards and into the stools behind. He wasn’t hurt, but he stayed down for the same reason I stayed still. There was no stopping this.

I don’t know why, but as I stood watching him nearly beat a man to death in front of me, I felt less and less afraid of Hunter. I wasn’t bothered by what was happening. For some reason, I felt stronger the longer it went on. It wasn’t because I was mad at what had happened, though I was. The punishment these two were facing did not fit the crime. As I watched the power Hunter brought down over and over again on this unsuspecting man’s face, I felt the same heat rush over my body as the first time I looked into his eyes. The intensity, the sweat, the vein bulging in the side of his neck leading down to the rippling arm that was holding up a now unconscious body. I was light headed. It sent shivers from my head to my toes and I could feel heat coming from between my legs. Something about this seemed to be Hunter at his most truthful, his most primal. As much as I didn’t want to lose this feeling and sight of him, I knew it needed to stop. I wasn’t going to let a man die because of me.

“Hunter. Enough,” I shouted, surprising myself at how calm I was for someone seeing what I was seeing. My voice came out clearer and more confident than I felt. Even more surprising though, was that he listened.

Chapter 5


I just stood there, chest heaving, fists clenched, ready to rain down on the bloody, barely conscious body that used to be a man. If you could have called it that to begin with. I could feel my heart racing and felt alive for the first time in what felt like an eternity. I had needed this feeling again. It had been way too fucking long. As I looked around at the mayhem and destruction I had just caused, I felt a sense of relief pass over me. It was like I’d just orgasmed inside some chick I’d been dying to fuck since high school, like I left my mark and claimed this place as my own. I let out a sigh and breathed deeply, taking in all the fury I had unleashed. I wish it could have lasted forever, but it didn’t. Reality hit and I suddenly was very aware of where I was and what I’d done.

As soon as I heard the whimpering from Grace, Dennis struggling to his feet, and saw Kelly just standing there staring at me, a look of shock on her face, I knew playtime was over. My head was running a mile a minute trying to figure out a way to make this go away. But there was no making it go away. Not with the mess I had made of these two chumps in this sleepy diner in the middle of nowhere.

What the fuck had I just done?

What the fuck did I just do?

Damn it, Hunter. You’re supposed to be laying low, asshole, and you just tore apart some dumb fucks in front of everyone. Good fucking luck, pal. What the fuck did you just do and what are you going to do now?