Heart of the Hunter(6)

By: Chance Carter

“And what line of work is it that you’re in?” Grace continued, fishing for more information.

“Grace, let the man enjoy his coffee,” Kelly said.

I smiled at her. It was a smile that meant business, and she knew it.

Thanks, sweetheart. I’ll spare that pussy for now as a thank you, but I can’t promise for how long.

Fuck, she looked good. She had turned to the side and thrown her hands on her hips when she talked to Grace. I could see how well her perfect ass filled out the skirt she was wearing and the long, pale legs that were holding it all up. She had the shape I liked, and I knew just what I wanted to do with it. She was sensual, a real woman, with thighs and breasts and an ass that a man like me could sink his teeth into. I wanted to wrap her legs around my waist and bury myself inside her on the spot. I wanted to see her face and hear her moan in pure ecstasy as she took all of me into her at once. I had to get the hell out of there. I had to keep myself under control. This girl, Kelly, was getting me hot under the collar.

I downed my coffee quick and grabbed my smokes from my pocket.

“Well, Grace, it was nice to see the place that Denny keeps yapping on about. Kelly, try to loosen up a bit, sweetheart. You’ll live longer.”

Loosen up a ton, because next time I get on you I won’t be mister fucking nice guy, and it won’t be quick.

“See you around, Hunter. Don’t smoke too many of those things. They’ll stunt your growth,” she replied, winking.

“Good Lord, Kelly. I don’t have much more room to go before I don’t fit through your door.”

And I’m growing for you right fucking now, darling. That’s why I’m stepping out for one of these.

That and I had to calm my nerves before I came in my goddamn pants.

“I’ll see you back at the shop, Denny. You going to be able to make it after that mess you just put in you?”

“Best mess in town, Hunter. You should try eating something yourself next time.” Denny spoke with his mouth full and I stole a last glance at Kelly while she watched him.

“Yeah, it doesn’t look like you leave much for the rest of us, pal. See you at the shop.”

I slapped him on the back and made my way to the door just as two guys came through. Neither of them looked like they belonged in the place. Dressed more for a big city than a mountain town like Stone Peak. They were in their mid-thirties, but dressed like a couple of frat boys. Acted like it too. One of them was laughing into his cell phone about some broad and walked right into me. He shot me a look like it was my fucking fault as he passed.

I will face fuck you and shove that phone up your ass, pal.

I got a hold of myself and figured if the girls here were offended by my small talk, they would surely take issue with me making murder in their restaurant. I took a deep breath and let it go.

“See you around, ladies,” I said as I swallowed my pride and took off down the street.

Fucking wannabe tough guy, putting on a show for his other wannabe tough guy friend.

I wanted to go back and show them what a real man looked like. As I stood outside the shop waiting for Denny, I realized I had let my cigarette burn to the end without taking a single drag. Why was I letting those punks get to me? I let them walk, but who gave a fuck? I wasn’t there to cause trouble, I was there to lay low for a few weeks. No sense in fucking things up and having to start this whole godawful process again.

I tried to think of Kelly and her sweet tits to distract me, but all I could picture were those two jerk-offs in her diner, giving her a hard time. So help me, if I found out they gave her or Grace a hard time, I would fucking break them.

I shook my head.

Fuck do you care, Hunter? She’s just some broad you hassled fifteen minutes ago. Fuck do you care if someone else does it?

The crazy thing was, I did care. I don’t know why, but the thought of those two fucks in there with her drove me insane. I’d only just met her, but already I knew something about her, and Grace, and even Denny, wolfing down his breakfast. They were on my side. They didn’t know it. They didn’t know me. But they were my people now. At least here in this place they were.

My people.

I let out a little laugh at myself. Maybe it’s something to do with the way I was brought into the world, but I’ve always been ferociously loyal. If you’re my people, then no one, No Fucking One, can mess with you without messing with me too. It’s in my genetics. I swear I must have been a wolf in a pack in a previous life.

I protected my people. It’s what I was brought up to do. And Kelly didn’t know it yet, but her sweet little ass was my people now, and those two jerk-offs weren’t allowed to mess with her.