Heart of the Hunter(5)

By: Chance Carter

As his rough hand swallowed mine, he stared into me as if he knew every flurry of excitement, every tingle of nervousness, that was passing through me. It was as if he could sense the strange dance of fear and anticipation that was building up inside me, beyond my control. I didn’t care. I’d spent too long being in control of myself. I’d spent too long being the perfect girl for everyone else. This was something different, something strange and new, and I didn’t want it to end. Still holding my hand inside his, his gaze sending a shockwave through me, he spoke as if I was the only person in the room. No, the only person in the whole world.

“My apologies, honey. I’m Hunter.”

Chapter 3


The trouble with laying low is that you have to blend in like you’re just any other clown in whatever nothing town you’re in. Maybe that’s just how some people are and that’s why it looks so easy, but it’s not me. I don’t look for attention, I just get it. I tried to make small talk with this chick while Denny threw back his breakfast and now somehow I was stuck offering her my hand and saying I’m sorry because she can’t take a joke. Like I’m some kind of chump. Thing is, I have to be some kind of chump if I have any chance of fitting in here, or anywhere, but it is fucking eating me. Broads. So damn sensitive. Especially the pretty ones.

When she finally looked up and took my hand, I realized she wasn’t just pretty, she was fucking beautiful. Her hair fell across her face as she raised her head and when she brushed it aside, her puppy dog eyes hit mine like headlights on a highway. I was drawn in, even though I knew I should look away. They were practically begging me to fuck her, right there. When she smiled back at me, I could feel my cock start to swell in my pants and it was all I could do not to picture her soft, supple lips wrapped around it.

Easy, fella. Keep it under control here or you’ll frighten these nice people.

“Pleased to meet you, Hunter,” she cooed.

Pleased to meet me? Where the fuck was I? Some bullshit movie from the fifties? You’re not pleased to meet me, darling. You have no idea whose hand you’re shaking, and what that hand has done.

She couldn’t see any of this though and I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell her. She just stared up at me with those big puppy eyes, and I sat back down before my cock stood all the way up and I had no choice but to take her over that counter, right then and there.

Get back to small talk, Hunter. And be fucking nice this time.

“So, you ladies expecting a busy day today? Old Denny here says you’ve got the best food in town.”

Better, kid. Much fucking better.

The broad in the back laughed, and Kelly just kept looking at me with those same fuck me eyes.

“This isn’t the busiest time of year, but it’s enough to keep us on our toes, right Grace?”

I wanted to get what I needed right then and there, and I wouldn’t have minded who watched. Kelly was leaning back against the wall as she relaxed. She had her arms crossed, pushing her tits up practically to her chin. She had those full-figured, juicy breasts that I’d always had a weakness for. It was as if she was challenging me to stay in my seat and not bend her over the counter in front of Denny and the lady at the grill.

And fuck me, that ass. I like curvy women. I like having something to hold onto while I pound my cock into flesh. This Kelly looked like she’d been taken right out of my fantasies, and created just to tease my cock into submission. If I could have grabbed a hold of that ass and slid my cock inside her, fuck, I could have died a happy man.

Behave, Hunter. Say something nice, you stupid fuck.

“Well, I can imagine this far into the mountains, you don’t get much traffic.”

The lady at the grill poked her head out from the kitchen. “And how did you find us, young man? On your way somewhere and just stopped? I know that accent isn’t from around here.”

“No, you’ve hit the nail on the head there, eh,” I paused.

“Grace,” she finished.

“Grace,” I repeated. “I’m from Boston originally, but decided it was time for a change. An old buddy of mine has a little cabin high up in the mountains outside of town here, a really remote little place, and I figured I could use the solitude for a while. Some fresh air, some nature, all that.”

It was bullshit. Well, most of it. There was a cabin in the mountains, but it didn’t belong to a buddy. It was empty because I had killed the motherfucker that owned it. Again, judge me all you want, but this fuck deserved to die. He was a child molester, a rapist, and rumor had it he’d even locked up his own kid in his basement once, a long time ago, and tried to get his pit bulls to eat the kid alive. You believe that shit? So I took it on myself to put a bullet in him. Call it a public fucking service. I’d heard about the guy because he started doing business in Boston with my old man. I couldn’t stand the thought of doing business with a fuck like that. Some gangster I turned out to be. I kept killing the guys I was supposed to be working with, just because I couldn’t stand the thought of them.