Filthy Daddy

By: Bella Love-Wins

Satan’s Saints Motorcycle Club, Book 2



I was nothing and had no one. Trouble with a capital T until the Satan's Saints MC found me. They picked me up from the gutter and gave me purpose. Showed me I could put my top three talents to good use.

My ABCs.

Automatic weapons.

Breaking bones.

Cracking computer code.

Years later, we leave the underground life behind. We may have stopped skirting the law, but trouble still has a way of finding us.

Then the woman I've been messing with becomes a target. On the surface, she's a good girl. A law-abiding nursing student with a promising future ahead of her. Beneath that outer layer, she's sassy and smart-mouthed, a kinky sex kitten I can't get enough of.

But one sharp tug on the fabric of her past and everything unravels.

I keep denying she means something to me... until the inevitable happens.

I find out she's carrying my baby. The only piece of me that's good.

Now, nothing and no one will stop me from holding on to what's mine.

Filthy Daddy is a full-length (54,000 words) standalone MC Romance with no cliffhanger and a guaranteed happy ever after ending.

Trigger content warning: This story contains sensitive scenes and topics that may be disturbing to some readers.

Prologue - Molly

I can’t draw a full breath. My mind can’t think past his voice crooning in my ear, promising all kinds of sexual wickedness if I follow his orders. I keep my mouth shut. I can’t un-hear what he said downstairs. His double standard is pissing me off. Why the hell should I agree to say I’m his? I push my ass backward, rolling my hips on the bulge of his rigid cock. There will be hell to pay for my silence.

I’ll enjoy it either way.

“Oh, so that’s how it’s going to be, is it?” Tate’s displeasure pours through his tone. I’m hot from head to toe and goosebumps are prickling across my flesh. “You just had to make it hard for yourself. Fine. Have it your way, little hellcat. I’ll teach you exactly who owns you.”

His voice is deep and dangerous, low in his throat as he runs his fingers down the front of my body, all the way down until he stops at my mound. Heat and need spread through my system, and I part my legs a little when his fingertips start to circle my clit through my yoga pants. Then he lets go of me and exits the room. I turn and sit on the bed, asking myself whether he plans to come back at all, or if his leaving is part of his punishment. I want to know how far he’ll take this, given that I have to be at work soon.

But don’t get very long to question his intentions. He returns and slams the door shut. The way his arm is behind his back, I know he has something hidden.

Tate comes to me and stands between my legs. “I want you in that bed. On your hands and knees. Now.”

I hear some sort of clinking metal. As I crawl into bed and get into position across the width of the mattress, I try to guess what it is from the sound. Even not knowing has me aroused. My clit is throbbing, my panties are soaked, my nipples are sensitive against my tank top, and every small sensation seems magnified from just anticipation.

That and the crazy chemistry between us.

He mutters something that I can’t hear and stands behind me. “If you know what’s good for you, doll, you’ll do exactly as I say. I’m not above making you scream for the whole clubhouse to hear. Don’t move from that spot until I’m done with you.”

It’s heaven and hell rolled up into one, keeping myself in place while I let him have every bit of control over my body. He knows how much I enjoy this type of play. Except I’m out of my element, not knowing what toy he’s brought out while in a room I’ve never been in before. Given his mood. It’ll hurt. I hope it hurts.

He slaps my ass with his open palm a few times. I feel the movement of air as he turns away from the bed. Glancing around, I look over at him.

“I saw that,” he barks. “That’s strike one. Three strikes and you don’t get to cum at all tonight.”

My ass cheek still burns from his spanking, which I know isn’t even close to full power. That sting from his palm against my ass causes me to angle my hips to find a comfortable position, but that won’t happen, not now that he wants me off center and uncomfortable.

“Fuck, yes. It’s time to make you say it,” he says, sounding gleeful.

Anticipation causes the hairs on the back of my neck to stand on end. I bite down on my bottom lip, curious as he makes me wait, listening attentively through the tense silence. Finally, the mattress lowers from the weight of his body as he presses his knees on either side of my legs. I swallow the hint of my fear as his hands graze over the sides of my waist. He grips the waistband of my pants and drags it down to my knees taking my panties with it. Cold air hits my skin and licks me in intimate places. I fight the urge to squirm beneath his heated gaze. He can see everything, including my obvious arousal.