Edge of Chaos(Love on the Edge #1)(88)

By: Molly E. Lee

I wiggled underneath him, satisfied when he arched his head back and his eyes hooded. “You’re the only thing worth capturing tonight,” I whispered.

“Then I better give you one hell of a chase,” he said and gently slipped out of me. His lips trailed to my breasts and the teasing torture started again.

Another white spark of lightning lit the sky above us, bathing Dash’s incredible naked body in light for three glorious seconds before returning us to darkness. Thunder clapped, closer than before. I tugged Dash’s head up, squeezed my legs, and rocked to the side until I straddled him.

I flipped my hair over my shoulder and glanced upward before leaning over to kiss him. “You’ve gotta see this,” I whispered against his lips and motioned my head upward.

The next lightning strike illuminated Dash’s green eyes, and the passion in them usually reserved for chasing storms doubled. I reveled being the object of that much desire.

I ground against him until he was so hard I had to take him inside me. I rode him slowly, the sounds of thunder accompanying our moans. He made me come again and again, and I knew without a doubt I’d let Dash catch me whenever he wanted.

After another hour of sheer pleasure bordering on torture, I snuggled up under his chin. I had everything I’d ever wanted...almost.

“What’s your real name, Dash?” I asked, knowing he’d never tell. A tornado nearly swallowed us whole and he hadn’t told me.

“Alfred,” he said, interrupting my thoughts.


“I won’t say it again.” His arms tightened around me.


“Yes, like from Batman, and if you tell anyone outside of Hail—”

My laughter cut him off as I thought about how starkly different he was from the old butler. “Why now? The tornado had us and you didn’t…”

Dash shifted so he could meet my eyes. “Giving you my heart is the most dangerous thing I’ve ever done, Blake,” he said and then parted my lips with his tongue.

The sky trembled again, but I ignored the call. Thunder and chaos could remain within the chase. The only thing I needed were the sparks between Dash and I, which crackled brighter than a lightning bolt, and the home we’d built between us, strong enough to withstand any storm.