Edge of Chaos(Love on the Edge #1)

By: Molly E. Lee

(Love on the Edge #1)


For Daren. The moment I met you I finally started living.


There are so many people I have to thank for helping me with this journey, but first, I want to thank you. Thank you for taking a chance on this book. You are what fuels the lifeblood in my characters and make the story possible. So thanks for that, dear readers!

Thank you, Daren, for waking me up. For enduring a life married to a writer, it isn’t always easy. Thanks for being my best friend, an incredible father, and one surprisingly awesome plot-hole demolisher. I shudder to think where some of my characters would’ve ended up without you. My dreams wouldn’t be possible without your support and willingness to supply me with coffee and double-cheeseburgers.

Thanks must be given to my amazing family. To Dad, for the years of encouragement. For always reading multiple versions of my stories, even the really awful ones, and telling me they were awesome. For the endless emails where I needed a pep-talk, and for the unflinching faith that I’d have my name on a book someday. Without your support, this book wouldn’t be where it is now.

To Mom, for constantly telling me I could be anything I wanted when I grew up. I think I’ve figured it out now. And to my sister, for being a writer first and making my five-year-old self think it was the coolest thing ever! Naturally I would want to be like you.

I also need to give a HUGE thank you to these amazing ladies:

To Rebecca, the Golden Goddess, you make me want to be a better writer, better mom, and better person all around. You are my hero and there is no amount of words for how much I adore you. Thanks for the countless advice, guidance, and willingness to talk about proper names for naughty parts.

To Mindy, for your sharp eye, your amazing encouragement, and awesome friendship. For reading it twice (including the time your iPad froze on the naughtiest scene in the book and had to be repaired with it staring the poor tech-kid in the face) And for making my lines stronger. You are simply the best.

To Sam, the one who catches all the things :) You are a rock star and I’m really sorry I made you cry on the subway. Hugs and all the chocolate to you!

To Kimberly Lovell-Chase, Prerna Pickett, and Aimee L. Salter, you ladies rock and continuously make my work stronger. I’m beyond lucky to have such a talented band of critique partners like you!

To Esther, the Hot-Mama I can’t live without. You’re my constant cheerleader and my soul-sister. Thanks for always being there, despite how many miles we live apart. Without our hour-long conversations, I’d lose my sanity. And speaking of losing, the boys are still behind in our never-ending Cranium tournament :)

I have to thank Cora Carmack, for not only reading the book, but blurbing it too, as well as offering me so much guidance in the profession of our dreams. And for finding me first. You’re the absolute best.

To Kimberly Derting, thank you for providing an endless supply of inspiration and advice. It means the world to me. And for the cupcake.

To Jamie Bodnar Drowley, thank you for choosing my book when I thought all was lost.

Thanks must also go to my awesome PR Team over at Sassy, Savvy, & Fabulous. Linda you are my Obi-Wan and Yoda rolled into one!

A giant thank you to my editor, Karen Grove, without your sharp eye and amazing vision this would not be in the shape it’s in. You are a delight to work with!

To Regina Wamba and Yuli Xenexai over at Mae I Design, thank you to the moon and back for giving me a cover intense enough to carry my storm chasers. You’re beyond talented and there aren’t enough ways to thank you for how stunning it is! And to the models, Ripp and Mackenzy, for making the characters I love real.

Thank you to Nichole and Christine at Perfectly Publishable for sharpening the inside of the book and making it sparkle! You are all so seriously talented!

And once again I’d like to thank you, the reader. Don’t ever underestimate the power you have to bring life to the stories you love.


A storm brewed in Justin’s eyes, a ferocity that threatened to shatter everything in my life. He leaned against the wall near the small kitchen with his long arms crossed over his chest, staring at the threadbare carpet like he wanted to set it on fire.

Damn it. I’d been gone two minutes. What could’ve happened in the time it took me to check out the closet in the master bedroom to piss him off?

I paused in the hallway and tested the atmosphere. I knew everything about Justin, had every look memorized. His ultra-short black buzzed hair, brown eyes, and trimmed goatee usually conveyed a mysterious charm, but when he shaped his face the way he was now, I knew we were only minutes from a blowup. He probably would’ve already erupted―what about, I still didn’t understand―if the apartment leasing agent wasn’t standing a few feet away in the kitchen pretending to go through paperwork.