Claiming Cinderella(7)

By: Amy Brent

Chapter 4


Zep and I had gotten our hands on the official gala invite and had duplicates made by the original artist so that we could pass them out at our whim. As we strolled through our favorite night club, Zep had already dwindled his stack to nothing, and I only had a few. I was saving those for the girls down at the country club, but my plan was well under way.

I sat at our private table in the VIP section eye fucking one of the hot waitresses who had flashed me enough cleavage to get my attention as Zep elbowed me.

“Look who's here.” His smile widened, and he turned to face the girls who were approaching, a matched set of legs and tits and enough venom to kill a man. The Blue Twins were hot, no arguing that, but their sour attitudes had turned me off from the moment I’d met them two years ago. Halle was the edgier of the two, with her star-kissed cheek— a tiny tattoo she’d had done during the first season of her reality show—and her blue-tipped black hair that seemed to be her trademark, stopped in front of Zep and trailed her eyes across my body. Sadie did the same and then sat beside me as Halle leaned into Zep’s side, practically in his lap.

“We got your invitation,” said Halle as a third girl, a tall and plain blonde, glanced around nervously with a doe in headlights look. She looked like she had bedhead and was totally out of her element. She didn’t manage to hold my attention as Halle spoke. “I can’t wait until the gala. I hope the both of you save me a dance.”

Sadie leaned in closer as if she could devour me in one bite. “I’d like you to save me a bit more than a dance.” Her words were an offer as she leaned in so close I could see down the front of her dress. Her perfect tits were tight, and it was apparent that she didn’t have anything on under the thin, silk dress.

She snaked her hand onto my thigh and rubbed dangerously close to my crotch. I had blood flowing already from the eye fucking I’d been preoccupied with before they strolled up, sending the gorgeous girl scurrying away.

Her sister wasn’t being outdone, and though she leaned across Zep’s lap, she offered herself to me. “I’m sure there’s enough of you for two.”

“So all those rumors are true?” asked Zep, still holding onto Halle’s waist as she leaned across him.

She snaked her hand down to Zep’s cock and rubbed him through his pants. “We’d let you join in as well, Zep.” She and Sadie giggled as Sadie’s hand moved to my cock, and she leaned in closer to my ear. She had the same black hair as her sister’s only hers hadn’t been chemically altered in blue, but she also lacked the star beauty tattoo. Even though she was the more natural of the two, her own hard expressions made her exotic enough in a predatory way, as if she could kill you with one icy glare.

“We’d make you feel so good.” Her brow lifted and she turned to her sister, throwing her arm around her twin’s neck. “Maybe they want to watch us play, sister?” She licked Halle’s cheek in a nice, long, slow stroke, and then the two turned to face one another as they shared a quick kiss on the lips.

About that time the klutzy blonde choked on her drink, and as she placed it on the table, she spilled it. It happened so fast the trail of liquid spilled down to my pants and ran across the table to Halle’s top.

“You stupid idiot!” Sadie snapped as her sister sat up and flashed narrowed eyes at the girl. She was still coughing, and I turned my head away from her and then got up to go clean myself up. Zep was behind me a moment later.

“Are you going to take them up on that offer?” At first, I thought he would be upset they’d wanted to include me, but that wasn’t it at all, he’d take them any way he could get them. “Dude, you’ve got to hit that.”

“I thought you wanted them, get back there and make a deal for yourself, I’m not interested. They can take their babysitter and go home.” I ducked into the bathroom and past the freaks who were there to share hits.

Zep practically growled. “Man, you’re no fun. It’s not like we’ve never shared before. You keep this up, and you’ll end up with someone like that clumsy chick. What a train wreck.” As I wiped up my pants, I had to agree.

“Those two are not my speed. Besides, they are a bit young for me.” They’d only turned twenty-one a few months ago and the only reason I knew that is because they’d have a huge party and that’s where Zep had fucked Halle.

“You won’t find bigger freaks in the sheets, my friend. I don’t care how old they are, they’re legal and not in their teens, so I’m down. Give this to me, and I’ll never ask you for anything ever again.”