Claiming Cinderella(60)

By: Amy Brent

“I should take that tight little ass of yours.”

“It’s yours for the taking, Aiden. All yours.” I was prepared for anything he wanted, and I knew one day soon he’d claim that part of me too. I wanted it. I wanted it all with him.

“I’m going to fuck that wet pussy tonight, Ella. I want to fill you up with my come and watch it drip down your pretty legs.”

“Yes, please, Aiden.” I wanted that too. And he wasted no time obliging. His cock felt like a hot knife slicing into me, and I thought it appropriate considering our game, even as I cried out. My pussy was taking a beating, and I knew I’d be so tender later, but I couldn’t get enough of him. He rocked his hips and built up his speed as the friction grew, his heavy sac dangling, slapping against me until they tightened. He filled my channel and ground it in, but as soon as he pulled away, it dripped down my legs just as he’d wanted.

“Good girl.” He trailed his index finger through the long streak of come and then he held it to me. “Taste it.”

I opened my mouth, and he slipped his finger in. I sucked it clean nice and slow. When he pulled out, he kissed my mouth and then undid the belt. He rubbed my tender wrists and collapsed beside me, pulling me into his side.

“That was intense.” I giggled and then kissed his mouth.

“Mhm. I’ll have to tie you up more often.”

“Or, maybe next time, I can tie you up?” I met his eyes, and even in the dark, I could see the flash as his eyes lit with a smile.

“Anything you want, Ella. Anything you want.” He pulled me in close and kissed me. I smiled thinking of all the fun we were going to have.

We lay there in each other’s arms until minutes later the lights came back on and he carried me up to the shower where our adventures continued.