Claiming Cinderella

By: Amy Brent

A Dirty Billionaire Fairy Tale

Chapter 1: About this book

Thank you

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I'm supposed to marry a princess, but I'd settle for a Cinderella.

Promises and commitments? Nah…that’s not me.

So, when mother asks me to marry a rich high society girl,

I have a flawless game plan.

I invite locals to the masquerade party.

And when I see her pleading with the gateman,

My heart skips a beat.

Seems like she’s bribed God himself to hook her up.

One look into her ocean blue eyes

And I know I am in trouble.

I want to feel her all over, kiss those f*ckable lips, sm*ck that round a$$ and have her in more ways than one.

She’s come to my party.

And now, I’ll have her coming all night long….

But why am I dreaming about…..a future?

I don’t do commitments. That’s not me!

Chapter 2


If there was one thing about my job that I hated more than anything, it was that I was constantly having to argue. Today it was the personal chef for the Blue family, Jon Staff, who was being resistant. I couldn’t blame him. “Do they ever realize that they aren’t the only people in this house? I can’t just change the entire weekly breakfast rotation without asking their mother, and she’s said no a thousand times.” He was shaking his spatula at me, but I knew his anger was directed at my clients, Halle and Sadie Blue, also known as the Blue Twins, daughters of rock icon, Scott Blue, and the just turned twenty-one reality stars who I’d worked for a grand total of three weeks. The hardest three weeks of my life.

It wasn’t as if the job itself was hard, but since the two were a pair of the biggest spoiled brats I’d ever met, much less worked for, it wasn’t a cake walk either.

“I’ll pass that along, but they’re just going to send me back. Maybe I could ask Nola? Surely changing the breakfast menu isn’t that big of a deal?”

“They’re sending you on a fool’s errand. Nola will never allow such changes, and because of her food allergies, I’ve got to keep things the way she wants them. The family always has breakfast together.” I wasn’t sure why he hadn’t just told me that to begin with, but I had a feeling that the Twins were in on that too.

I didn’t say a word as I turned around and headed for the stairs. I had to go over their weekly schedules and make sure everything was coordinated and luckily their reality show was on break. The writers were busy writing their scripts so that their lives would look more meaningful and counter the bad press the girls had recently landed themselves in.

Halle, the older of the two had gained attention when her ex-boyfriend released nudes she’d sent him, and then, of course, there was the rumored sex tape that was reported to have been confiscated, including both sisters, together, showing a bit more than your normal sisterly love. But nothing had yet surfaced.

Sadie, the younger by three minutes, was the quiet one of the bunch, and that didn’t make her any easier to deal with. On the contrary, it made her a proper psychopath. She was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, and her temper had gotten the best of her three months earlier when she’d wrecked her car and punched a paparazzi.

I walked up the stairs on my way to their suite of the Blue Mansion, where I’d lived since taking on the job per request of Nola Blue, who was my mother’s best friend before she died of breast cancer.

She’d been a famous jewelry designer, but apparently, it wasn’t enough to leave me anything. Most of her fortune, even our small beach house, had been confiscated. Nola was not only helping me out by letting me be the twin’s personal assistant, but she was handling all my debts as well.

As I hit the top landing, I took a right and went into their wing of the grand estate. Sadie was on the couch, and she waved me away before I could say a word. I headed into the bedroom like I’d done a million times before, but on this occasion, Halle wasn’t alone.

She was bent over the side of the bed, her legs spread wide, her ass tilted upward and she was getting worked over by a guy I’d never seen before. I froze in my tracks, and when I turned around to leave, Sadie blocked me in, smiling at the couple behind me.