Cat's Lair(159)

By: Christine Feehan

“We’ve already decided that we’re going to let Jake and his people deal with them,” she replied softly. “Eli, I’m alive. I’m with you, exactly where I want to be. We have our home, a baby on the way and things are good.”

Eli pushed her long hair from the nape of her neck and kissed her there. He kissed his way over her shoulder to the much smaller puncture scars Cordeau had left behind.

“My leopard needs to run. She needs her mate. And I need to cook you breakfast. That’s important to me, honey. I want to wear your flannel shirts and nothing else. I need to be me again. And you need to be you again. Once our baby is here, there won’t be much kitchen table, on the bar or sink or out on the porch fun. We need to make every minute count.”

He smiled against her shoulder. She had the little sexy voice that managed to set nerve endings on fire without much of an effort.

“I’m buying more flannels.”

“You wouldn’t have to if you’d stop ripping all the buttons off. I definitely have to learn to sew.”

The amusement in her voice warmed him. Still. He sighed. “Kitten, I don’t know how much freedom I can give you right now. I bought a Jeep for you, a four-wheel drive. They’re going to deliver it any day now. I wanted you to feel like you could go anywhere you wanted to go, but honestly, I can’t let you out of my sight.”

He waited. Holding his breath. He hated that he was the needy one. That he knew he should give her everything she wanted, including freedom. She deserved it. She’d more than earned the right to make her every decision. But he couldn’t breathe without her.

Eli knew when it happened, the exact moment when the air had left his lungs and wouldn’t fully return. They’d taken her from him. They’d rushed her through the double doors and he’d felt her heart stop. Felt the breath leave her lungs. Felt her pulse still. It had been there inside of him. He knew she was being taken from him, and his world had changed. Everything had changed.

He buried his face against her shoulder, inhaling the subtle female scent that was unique only to her. God, he loved her. He loved her with everything he was. Every cell in his body. He knew if he kept holding her so close she would eventually fight him. How could she not? Where was his control and discipline now?

“Eli, I’m yours.” She said it so simply it was eloquent. She turned in his arms to face him. Her fingertips traced the lines in his face. “I belong to you, just the way you belong to me. When I need anything, you provide it for me. When you need something, I provide it. That doesn’t mean it’s always going to be easy, but when you love someone, that’s what you do.”

He searched her blue gaze, the bottom dropping out of his stomach. Her features were so delicate. She looked fragile. Vulnerable. But she had steel inside of her. His woman had steel.

“If you need me to stay close to you, then that’s what I’m going to do. There’s nowhere I want to go right now. I love being home with you. Spending time with you. Looking at you.” She brushed a kiss over his jaw. “But I love taking care of you too. I want to cook for you again. I need to do that. Make your coffee. I want to wake you up with my mouth around your cock. I love your body just as much as you love mine. I don’t need to stay in a chair or in bed anymore. But I don’t need to be away from you either.”

Just her voice could harden his body, but when she started talking about waking him up with her mouth and the images in his head turned erotic, his cock came back to life. He found himself smiling. Breathing. Happy. She understood him and she loved him enough to give him the things he needed, even if she felt a little smothered for a while.

“I’m looking forward to a cup of your coffee. And breakfast. I haven’t had a decent meal since you’ve been laid up,” he admitted. His voice was a little rough with emotion, but he was already looking forward to morning. He knew she would do exactly what she said. She’d wake him up in that sexy, hot way of hers. His cock jerked in anticipation.

“I love the idea of the Jeep, Eli,” she said. “But I don’t know how to drive a stick shift.”

He hugged her to him. “We have a big ranch, baby, and I like teaching you new things.” He made certain it didn’t sound like he was talking about driving, because he wasn’t.

Her smile lit up her eyes. “I love learning new things. You can teach me anytime, Eli.”

More than anything, he loved that she meant it.

The End