Billionaire's Second Chance Triplets(5)

By: Ella Brooke

To her surprise, the hint didn’t land. Buck pulled her closer and whispered, “Why don’t we take a turn on the dance floor? The music is beautiful, and the lighting is so romantic.”

“I don’t really dance, Buck. And it’s not why we’re here,” she protested.

“Come on. Let’s have a bit of fun before getting back to work. It is a party after all. I won’t take no for an answer.”

“And yet, the answer is no.”

Buck put his other hand on the small of her back, and Kit weighed the consequences of digging a heel into his foot. A dance wasn’t so bad… But she didn’t want to be seen leading him on. He could be so creepy sometimes.

“Just let it happen… You’re not a bad dancer.”

“I’m not dancing. You’re moving, and you have your arms around me,” Kit snapped.

“Don’t be that way,” Buck chided.

Jaw clenching, Kit was on the verge of exploding molten vitriol all over this pushy asshole when a hand touched her shoulder.

“Pardon me,” a warm and familiar voice boomed. “I’d love to have the next dance, if Kit wouldn’t mind.”

Kit turned her head to see that boyish smile that had always made her knees turn to jelly. Those midnight blue eyes that had always pierced into her inner depths in a way that she couldn’t define.

It was Grant Wharton. But now his broad shoulders seemed even broader, and he had a bit of a five o’clock shadow. He was more handsome than he’d ever been. He was also three inches taller than Buck and towered over them both.

“Don’t you recognize me?” Grant said with feigned hurt.

“I remember you,” Kit insisted.

“We’re having a moment, if you don’t mind,” Buck said.

“I do.” Grant closed his large hand around Buck’s wrist. “I really do.”

As Grant squeezed, Buck stared back with disbelief, clearly not used to being told what to do. After an extremely awkward moment, Buck let go and backed way.

He cleared his throat, trying to cover. “I’m Buck Gable, associate and department head at Gable & Pines, and this is—”

“I know her, and I don’t care what you are.” Grant cocked his head to the side. “Though since you asked, I’m Grant Wharton, yes, son of the general surgeon attending, and yes, we’re leaving now. Have a good evening.”

Grant gave Buck a little parade wave as he absconded with Kit. She was so stunned to see him that she said nothing, just gave a little glance back at Buck sharply. She’d never hear the end of it around the office, but for at least tonight, she had some better company for the evening.

As they cut through the crowd of dancing affluence, Kit felt her body being drawn close. That familiar pull that had once had her coming to his bed, even when it had hurt to be so near him when he thought nothing of her but a diversion.

And still, she went with him, wanting more than anything to stay by his side despite her old wounds threatening to open.

Chapter Three


Grant had been a bit uncertain about approaching Kit when he’d spotted her, but the moment that swaggering bully had started pawing on her, he’d found himself cutting through the crowd, and his hand had been clenching the man’s wrist before he could even properly think.

It would probably never be easy to see anyone have their hands on Kit, but holding her arm like that simply could not be tolerated.

“I hope you like the chivalry impression,” Grant said lightly.

“Very convincing. I’m sure Buck thought so,” Kit said cheekily.

He looked down on her. Her cheeks were still a bit pink with anger, or perhaps embarrassment. The color, even the lingering annoyance, made her even more gorgeous. The dress hugged her hips in a way that seemed to invite staring, though Grant did his best to be a gentleman. If he started, he wouldn’t stop.

Instead, the image of her luscious curves hovered just out of his line of sight.

“It’s so good to see you.” Grant offered her a tentative smile. “It’s been a long time.”

“Well, you do get busy with law school,” Kit breezed, letting her arm fall away from him.

Grant ignored the barb. He remembered pretty clearly being the one who’d failed to call her, who had ignored her messages in favor of other interests… and other women. Surely, she remembered.

“I’d imagine. So you’re a lawyer now?”

“Absolutely. I’m here along with a few other associates, making sure our clients see us out there being friendly and charitable.”

Grant nodded slowly. “It’s like old times, isn’t it? You and me among a throng of wealthy people determined to show off.”