Billionaire's Second Chance Triplets(3)

By: Ella Brooke

Kit offered “hm” sounds and nodded where appropriate. Roughly ten minutes into this lecture, Kit’s phone buzzed, vibrating along the desk. She glanced at the screen and took a moment to weigh which would be worse, enduring this apparently lengthy explanation or talking to her mother. She loved her mother, but she could only handle so much concerned lecturing in one day.

She passed on the call. At least with Buck, she knew she’d still get to her meeting on time because he had to be there early. So she sat, listening here and there, and persevered.


“We would like to have several associates present at the fundraiser,” Mr. Aldous Gable said. It was not a question. “We represent quite a few of the people who will be present, from administrators to doctors to a few of their wealthy supporters from other fields.”

Dave Andrews, sitting on the other side of the table, raised his hand as he spoke. Gable had that kind of impact on people.

“Are we looking to expand our client base at this event?” Dave asked.

Mr. Benjamin Pines shook his head. “No, we wouldn’t want to appear inappropriate or pushy. This is an event for charity, after all. Those who attend will be providing a presence mostly. Hand out business cards if you introduce yourself, but no hard selling.”

Mr. Gable scanned over the associates before him. “Buck, I think it would be good if you attended. Dave, John, and… hm.”

Pines looked to his partner curiously as Gable thought on it. “One of the female associates ought to go as well, Aldous,” he said in a quieter tone.

Kit looked around the room expectantly. No volunteers. They were pretty busy at the moment, actually in the middle of hiring a few new people. No one wanted extra work, even if it was basically a free party.

“I could attend, sir,” Kit said. “My mother is an anesthesiologist. She runs in those circles and had planned to go to the benefit before picking up another surgery for the surgeon she works with.”

“I thought anesthesiologists just worked basic hours for whoever’s on call,” Buck said. “It’s like having the gas man there. He does his job and then he goes home.”

Kit pursed her lips. There must’ve been something funny about her expression because Mr. Pines stifled a laugh, badly.

“There, we’ve got our girl. It’ll be good to have someone who understands medical politics a bit, eh?” Pines grinned at her. “Thank you for offering, Kit.”

“It’s no problem, Mr. Pines.”

Mr. Gable scowled at her. She started to get nervous, but then he looked down at the file in front of him and cleared his throat.

“Next point of business: The Brockman case. We’re going to need more hands on this, and it will need to be those who know environmental and contract laws for this state inside out.”

Kit continued to listen as her bosses bounced from case to case, topic to topic. She was relieved, though. She’d spoken up in a meeting. That was a start.

It wasn’t until after the meeting when Buck cornered her to ask what she was planning to wear that she realized she’d doomed herself to an evening of avoiding Buck.

“I could talk to a few people, set up a private fitting at a few of the high end stores here in the city,” Buck offered.

“That’s kind, but I do have some evening attire, believe it or not,” Kit said.

“Really?” Buck stepped in front of her to block her path. “You just happen to have a ball gown lying around? You’ve always struck me as a person who was interminably busy. When do you have the time to shop or go to parties?”

“I don’t.” Kit cocked her head to the side. “I have a bridesmaid’s dress that I haven’t had the chance to wear, and it was a pretty nice one. It’ll do for the fundraiser, once I find a wrap to go with it.”

“A bridesmaid’s dress that you’ve never worn?” Buck echoed. “That sounds like a story.”

“Hm.” Kit tried to move past him, but he was broad-shouldered and the halls were narrow. “Long story short, I was in the wedding party, and I bought the dress, and they did get married, but I was not allowed at the wedding.”

Kit put her hand on his shoulder and when he turned toward her, she slipped away, saying, “It’s really lucky for you that you’ve never seen me angry.”

She hurried to her office, grateful to be away from Buck, but less thrilled that this knowledge probably only made her more intriguing to him.


As Kit approached the ballroom reserved for the hospital’s fundraiser, she wondered how much was being spent to throw the benefit to begin with. Having attended a number of these thanks to her father and mother’s careers respectively in business law and medicine, she knew that much of what the planners did here was an attempt to draw in as many big wallets as possible, while still offsetting their losses for all the fancy settings and food. Sometimes, they could get donated spaces and discounted catering, though not always.