Billionaire's Second Chance Triplets(10)

By: Ella Brooke

Kit pursed her lips. “Maybe so. But if I am, Grant is why.”


“I don’t know if I can do this with him again. He definitely wanted to hook up again, but…” Kit touched her chest as though she’d been physically struck there. “God, Tam, I don’t know if I can survive it again. I’ve never felt the way that I did about anyone else, and I haven’t been able to let myself really fall for anyone since then. I mean, the man has made a damn career out of being inconstant. How can I trust this?”

Tamara reached over and took Kit’s hand. “Okay, maybe you can’t. But I think you owe it to yourself to maybe get some closure. Right?”

“Maybe.” Kit groaned and looked up at the sky. “Why is this so hard? Why can’t I just have lots of orgasms and not care if he ‘like’ likes me? I feel like a twelve year old.”

“You want to bone like a dude, but your heart lives in your vagina,” Tamara said bluntly. “You can’t change who you are. Just…go with it and try to protect yourself a little better this time. You have more experience now.”

Tamara shrugged and crossed her arms. “Besides. He does owe you. You should at least collect on that. It’s not every guy who will even offer.”

“Oh, Tam!” Kit tossed her napkin at Tamara, but she just caught it and set it on her plate.

“You know I’m right.”

Kit was afraid that her friend was right, about closure at least. But if she started trading favors, she didn’t know if she could stop.


When she returned home, Kit did a few reps with her free weights, took a hot shower, and spent the rest of the day clearing out her inbox and streaming a reality TV show about amateur bakers trying to make professional pastries.

As the day wore on, her concerns about Grant seemed to fade. Getting things done around the house gave her a sense of control. When she’d finished everything on her to-do list, Kit curled up in the big stuffed chair in her living room with her tablet to do a little reading.

That was when her mind began to wander. It was a traitor, remembering the strength of Grant’s arms, the cut of his abs, the husky whisper of his voice in her ear. He had always made her body feel alive.

When her phone chimed, Kit looked up from her ignored book to see an alert for her email. From Grant. He must have gotten her card from someone at the fundraiser. Or looked her up on the firm’s website. It really wasn’t that difficult to look someone up these days.

Biting her lip, Kit dismissed the alert. She didn’t want to deal with this right now.


The message weighed on her for the rest of the day. Kit made a cup of herbal tea and paced around her apartment. She tidied up a few things that were out of place, but since she had cleaned the apartment just a week ago when Tamara and a few work friends had come over, there was no use trying to distract herself with cleaning. It was a pity because sometimes a good, deep clean helped her think.

Deep breath. Glance at phone. Another cup of tea. Glance at phone.

She couldn’t get it off her mind, and she couldn’t make herself read the email.

She lay down in bed at around nine pm. An hour later, she rose, got her iPod, and turned on a few podcasts to listen to while waiting to get sleepy. Another hour later, she was still awake and getting impatient. She closed her eyes, trying to trick her brain into resting, but it resisted, running over and over things she had to do in the upcoming week, as well as her embarrassments from the last.

Especially giving Grant an apparently unprompted blowjob.

Kit curled on her side, wrapping an arm around her stomach, and sighed heavily. This was ridiculous. She hadn’t had a cup of coffee since the morning, and that was saying something for her. She launched herself out of bed and stormed into the kitchen to put on the tea kettle.

She settled, with hot tea and a bag of cracker chips, back in her stuffed chair and flipped around Netflix for something mindless to watch.

“Reality show, reality show, braindead girl dating vampires…”

She bit into a cracker and glanced at her phone. She knew that once she opened the email, she would definitely give Grant whatever he wanted. She was helpless when it came to him, and it terrified her.

She’d had two and a half cups of tea and too many cracker chips when she finally caved. She grabbed her phone and opened the program for her email.


It was wonderful talking to you the other night. I would love to be able to meet up with you soon. I’ve made reservations for dinner for every night this week at The Blue Room. Just tell me what day you are free, and I will make it happen.