Billionaire Boss's Virgin Intern(40)

By: Sophia Lynn & Ella Brooke

“My parents want to have dinner with us. I told them that you would be tired from your trip, and I would have to ask you.” Samson licked his lips. “My father now calls you The Boss.”

“That’s hilarious, considering you’re still literally my boss.”

“You’re not a first-year worker anymore. You’re one of my lead architects.”

April squeezed his hand. “If you feel up to it, I don’t mind. I think they just want to get close to the grandkid. I’m glad your father’s being nicer to you now anyway, even if it is only for Jude’s sake.”

“I don’t really care what changed in the old man.” Samson leaned over and cut her a piece of cake. “They RSVP’d for the wedding, by the way. They’re definitely coming.”

April took her cake. “That’s amazing. As long as they behave.”

“I’ll tell them The Boss said so.”

“Sleeping with The Boss has worked out so well for both of us.”

Samson forked a piece of cake and held it up to her lips. She took the bite and then wiped the side of her mouth as she smiled. Feeding each other cake was on their ever growing list of things not to do at the wedding, so they had to get these embarrassing, cloying behaviors out of their system. The day was quickly approaching, and things were falling into place. What had once seemed like a foreign concept was now what Samson looked forward to the most. They had to resist the urge to elope so that they could be married already.

April knew they needed to have a real ceremony. It was time. The two of them, their son, all of their friends, and their two dogs Damien and Gigi; it was a celebration of their relationship and what they had built together with love and a lot of determination. As they had both learned to love and be loved, it was like patching up the holes that had been left in them by careless people.

And all that was left was the beauty that they had so ambitiously created.