Billionaire Baby Maker(9)

By: Lia Lee

“Listen to me, Princess,” I said. “You’re particularly irresistible tonight, and it’s taking all the self-control I have not to give up our reservation and drag you home, instead.”

She blinked at me. A slow smile spread across her face.

“Who says I want you to take me home with you, afterward?” she asked.

She put her elbows on the table, and her neckline dipped enough so that I saw a generous amount of flesh. I wasn’t sure if she did it on purpose, but it was working. I wondered what that soft skin would taste like between my lips, and what she would look like if her dress was stripped away.

“Don’t play games with me, sweetheart,” I said. “I play a lot harder than you, and I’m always going to come out on top.”

She was being a tease. There was nothing as delicious and as horrible as a tease.

“Who’s playing games?” she asked.

I shook my head and focused on the menu. I was determined to get through two courses, at least.

We ordered an appetizer, and for a short while, we managed to make conversation.

“Why aren’t you dating?” I asked. “A beautiful woman such as yourself, in the prime of her life, shouldn’t be single.”

Scarlett shrugged. I glanced at her neckline, still dangerously low. Her tits looked fantastic.

“I haven’t met the right guy, yet, I guess. Isn’t that the standard answer?”

“It is,” I said. “But what’s your answer?”

She shrugged again. “Maybe I’m just different.”

Oh, yeah. Different was a way to describe it. Different and fucking sexy. I had wicked thoughts of taking her somewhere private, pushing her dress up, and kneeling in front of her. I wanted to breathe in her scent. I wanted to know what she tasted like.

“What about you?” she asked.

I glanced at her. “Are you asking me the same question?” I asked.

“Why not? You’re not above dating, right?”

I shook my head. “I fell in love, once. When Clara died, she took my heart with her. All I have now are the pleasures of the flesh.”

She grinned. “Listen to you, ‘pleasures of the flesh.’”

I reached across the table and put my hand on her wrist, rubbing my thumb back and forth on her soft skin.

“You have no idea how hard it is for me to behave right now,” I said.

My cock was throbbing and aching for release. I wanted to push it into Scarlett until she cried out. I wanted to fuck her so hard, she begged me to come. I willed her to know what I was thinking, showing her with my eyes.

Her cheeks flushed deep red, and she swallowed and glanced around us as if she just remembered we weren’t alone.

“What if I don’t do sex on the first date?” she asked me.

“I’m paying you.”

She looked hurt. “You’re making me sound like a prostitute.”

“You know that’s not what I mean,” I said. It did make her sound like that, though. And for all intents and purposes, sex was part of what I was paying for. And I intended to get what I paid for.

She pouted, and it made me want to fuck her mouth. I watched her lips, mesmerized by the way they moved when she took a sip of wine, took a bite of food, and swallowed.

I could think of other things for her to swallow.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked.

“Come home with me tonight, and I’ll show you,” I said.

Her eyes widened. I watched as lust filled her eyes. She wanted me, too. She was shocked at my advances, but she was turned on, too.

It was exactly what I wanted. I wanted her to want me. It wasn’t a requirement, but we would have a hell of a lot more fun together this way.

Her lips parted slightly. She shifted in her seat and arched her back so that her tits were on display for me. I wanted more. So much more.

Dinner took forever, but I finally got the check, and we left. She slid into the leather seats in the car. I followed suit, shifting until I was right up against her. She was pressed against my side, and her skin was hot. I put my hand on her thigh. She didn’t stop me.

I slowly slid my hand upward, stroking her bare skin beneath the dress she was wearing. Her skin was silky smooth. I wondered if she waxed all the way to the top. Her breath hitched in her throat as I slid higher and higher. She knew what I wanted. She could still stop me if she really wanted to.

She didn’t want to. She was just a horny as I was, from what I could tell. She’d confessed to me that she’d had a crush on me for a while. She wasn’t as innocent as she seemed.

When my finger brushed against the silk of her panties, she gasped softly. I turned to her and closed my mouth over hers, kissing her. I pushed my tongue into her mouth, penetrating her. She tasted like wine and lust. She moved her hips, rolling them so that she pushed her pussy against my fingers. I groaned.

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