Bad Boys After Dark:Brett(6)

By: Melissa Foster

“Feel that?” His eyes brimmed with passion. “That’s not nothing.”

She was sure he was talking about his erection and not his erratic heartbeat. After all, she reminded herself, sex is all he thinks about. Even with that reminder, as their bodies moved in perfect sync, she couldn’t escape the desire mounting inside her. She’d never seen Brett dance before. Not one single time at any of his brothers’ weddings or at clubs when they were all out for a drink. He was a large man, with bulging muscles akin to a bodybuilder’s, but despite his size he was an enticing mix of fluid grace and power. She found herself wondering if that grace and power would carry into the bedroom. When his hand slid lower, cupping her ass, and he pushed his other hand into her hair, she closed her eyes, allowing herself to soak him in. The sting of her scalp and the heat of his hand on her bottom crashed through her like a tornado, and her eyes flew open, meeting his hungry stare.

“Tell me you want me, Sophie.”

Don’t do it. Do not admit it.

She opened her mouth to speak, and he dipped his head, his lips hovering just above hers. His warm breath sank into her mouth, stealing her ability to speak.

“Tell me to kiss you,” he said so firmly it bordered on a demand, but there was also something tethered about it, smooth and seductive.

Dangerously alluring.

She swallowed hard, breathed even harder, as Grace’s words came back to her. Careful, sweetheart, your interest is showing.

“I’d better go,” she finally managed.

“No, babe, don’t run away. Not this time.” His eyes bored into her. “Dance with me. We don’t have to do anything more. Just be with me, alone.”

He gathered her closer, and she rested her cheek on his chest, trying to calm her racing heart at the emotions she’d seen in his eyes. Maybe she was imagining it, but she swore beneath the storm, beneath all that heat, there was more. He might be made of hot steel and desire, but he was also a caring brother who made the time for family, who babysat for Carson and Tawny’s little girl. He was the guy who offered to walk Grace outside and had often walked Sophie to a cab so no harm would come to her. It was that man she kept getting glimpses of, and as they danced late into the night, those glimpses stacked up like steps. What would she find at the top? A locked door keeping the world at bay? Or would it be ajar, just waiting for the right person to slip through?

They danced with few words passing between them, and those wordless hours moved by too quickly. She was enjoying this quiet part of him that she’d never been privy to. Has anyone?

When Brett stopped dancing she realized she hadn’t noticed the bar clearing out. Whoa, she’d been completely lost in him.

He reached for his jacket and her clutch. “Come on, I’ll walk you home.”

When they hit the street, the cool night air brought a dose of reality. Brett put his jacket over her shoulders as they headed in the direction of her apartment building.

“Thank you,” she said, wondering when he’d become a gentleman.

He flashed a smile, uncharacteristically quiet as they walked along the busy sidewalk.

“You’re a good dancer,” she said to try to quell her nerves. She was letting Brett walk her home, and she knew that sent a signal, but she felt things changing between them, like she was getting another glimpse of a side of him not many got to see.

“I’m good at a lot of things.” He flashed a cocky grin.

“And here I was thinking that you’d turned into a gentleman.”

“I can be anything you want, Sophie.”

His smile softened, and she found herself wanting to believe him.

“Tell me, Sexy Sophie, what do you want? What do you dream about late at night?” he asked carefully, not aggressively, which took her by surprise. “And don’t tell me Kurt Remington, because you’re far more interesting than that.”

She mulled over his question as they turned down her street. “I dream about things that aren’t even on your radar screen,” she said honestly.

“You might be surprised.” He thanked the doorman, putting a hand at her back as they crossed the lobby. As they waited for the elevator, he said, “My radar is set to pick up lots of different stimuli.”