Bad Boys After Dark:Brett(5)

By: Melissa Foster

“I’m perfectly capable of leaving a bar, but I’m not sure Sophie is safe alone in here. Look at all the guys checking her out.” Grace winked at Sophie and headed for the door.

Sophie was going to kill her. She wasn’t used to having more than a drink or two, and between the champagne at the grand opening and the drinks she’d had at the bar, she was definitely buzzed.

Brett’s eyes narrowed as he surveyed the people around them. Sophie couldn’t help but laugh. Like anyone’s looking at me? She glanced around them and noticed the blonde Brett had been talking to at the bar was looking at her.

“I think blondie is waiting for your date.” She tried to scoot out of the booth, but Brett wasn’t budging.

His brows slanted angrily. “What blonde?”

“The one at the bar. Don’t even try to pretend you didn’t see her. She’s giving me the stink eye.”

He glanced over his shoulder and scoffed. “She hit on me and I told her we were married.”

“Married?” Yeah, right.

He shrugged. “I told her I wasn’t interested, but she was pushy. So I pointed you out and said, ‘See that gorgeous woman in the gray dress?’” His tone turned serious. “She’s my wife, and there’s not a woman on earth who could make me cheat on her.’”

Shivers ran down her spine. “You expect me to believe that a guy who is afraid of committing to second dates told a beautiful woman he was married?”

“I don’t lie, Sophie. Ever.” His lips tipped up in an insanely sexy smile, as if he were proud of that fact.

“Um, you just did. To the blonde.”

“Christ,” he muttered. “That doesn’t count. Some women don’t know how to take no for an answer.”

She laughed softly. “I know a guy like that.”

“I would never make a woman do anything she didn’t want to.”

She leaned back with a deadpan stare.

He chuckled. “Sophie, you want to be here with me. You just don’t want to admit it.” He didn’t give her time to respond, which was good, because she was pretty sure the response “so” wouldn’t have driven home the point she was trying to make. “How many times have I gotten you alone?”

“None. But we’re not alone now.” She waved her hand toward the dance floor. “There are dozens of people around us.”

He draped his arm around her shoulder, drawing her to him. “I only see you, Sophie. Let’s stop playing these games. You know I want you.”

Gulp. “You’ve made that pretty obvious.”

“And I know you want a piece of me.”

“A piece?” She laughed softly. “That’s about all any girl gets of you. I’m not a piece girl.”

Brett’s expression turned serious, as if he was thinking about what she’d said. He stepped from the booth and offered her his hand.

“What are you doing?” she asked skeptically as he lifted her to her feet.

“We are dancing.”

He gathered her in his arms right there beside the booth, which was across the room from the dance floor. She was vaguely aware of a few curious glances, but Brett was gazing into her eyes, his dark eyes as compelling as summer lightning. His hand covered the expanse of her back, so hot it felt like he was branding her through her dress. She’d never danced with him, had never embraced him before. As she put her arms around his neck, he felt broader and stronger than he looked. Even in her tipsy state, she was acutely aware of every place their bodies touched. His hand slipped to the curve at the base of her spine, and she knew she should stop him, draw a much-needed boundary line, but she didn’t want to. Just this once she allowed herself to enjoy the feel of his hard frame pressing into her.

“This is a piece of me other women don’t get,” he said in a voice full of sensual promise.

“Then why me?”

“Because you’ve gotten under my skin, Sophie. I think it’s time we explore whatever this is between us.”

“It’s…nothing.” The lie tasted horrible, but she couldn’t say lust.

His hand moved up her back, holding her tighter. His heart thundered against her chest, and she felt the unmistakable hardness of his arousal.