Bad Boys After Dark:Brett(4)

By: Melissa Foster

“More like I’m frustrated.”

Grace lowered her voice and said, “It’s been almost a year since you got laid. Of course you’re frustrated.”

Sophie rolled her eyes. “Not sexually frustrated, and I don’t get laid. You’re confusing me with Lindsay.” Lindsay was Sophie’s carefree younger sister who did not believe in long-term relationships or marriage. Sophie loved her dearly, but she had no idea how two sisters could be brought up under the same roof and have totally different ideals.

“Well, I personally think you should consider the very available option you have before you tonight. Because I have to tell you, with how lonely I’ve been lately, even I’m wondering just how good Mr. Bad can be.”

Sophie’s stomach pitched. “You cannot be serious. You can’t go after him.”

“Careful, sweetheart. Your interest is showing,” Grace whispered as Brett returned with their drinks.

“Let’s see, we have one white zinfandel.” He placed a wineglass in front of Grace, and then he set a drink in front of Sophie. “And one Dirty Girl Scout.”

Grace laughed. “This guy doesn’t miss a beat.”

Sophie downed half her drink, trying to ignore the thrum of desire coursing through her as Brett waggled his brows.

“In your dreams,” she said as he slid into the booth beside her, bringing his warm, masculine scent with him. She reminded herself that she was strong-willed and Brett was just like the dark chocolate cake she adored but knew she shouldn’t eat too much of. She could handle him for a little while. But Grace was giving her the go-for-it look, and she couldn’t deny that spending one night with Brett might finally put out the torch she’d been carrying for him.

That’s a very bad idea.

She guzzled the rest of her drink. If her brain refused to cooperate, maybe she could dull her senses until she no longer felt the heat between them.

Brett put his hand on her leg and leaned closer, his fingers skimming her inner thigh. “How about we make those dreams come true?”

Sophie peeled his hand from her leg and set it on his own.

“Now, there’s an idea,” Grace said.

Sophie glared at her. She needed a lifeline, not encouragement. It was hard enough resisting Brett when they were in the office, surrounded by reminders of why she shouldn’t be with him. Mick was an entertainment attorney, and more often than not he was cleaning up celebrities’ messes, playing damage control. Those situations served as bright red flags. Sophie didn’t need to play damage control with her own life or career because of one night with her boss’s brother. But here in the bar, where couples were practically having sex on the dance floor and too much alcohol was wreaking havoc with her ability to think rationally, she was having trouble holding on to the reasons she should deny her sinfully hot pursuer.

They talked about the perfumery opening and made small talk. Just when Sophie thought she might be able to handle this night after all, Grace drained her drink and climbed from the booth, thumbing something into her phone.

Panic fluttered in Sophie’s chest. “Where are you going?”

“I have to work in the morning, remember?” Grace dropped her phone into her purse and said, “I’ve got an Uber. You two kids have fun. I’ll see you Sunday morning at the gym, Sophie.”

“Wait—” I cannot be trusted alone in a bar with Brett. Even though she had never been alone in a bar with Brett, she somehow knew that about herself. She’d been careful about where and when she was with him since the first time they’d met, because she’d been that attracted to him, and lately her thoughts about him had become relentless. It had never been a problem before Mick and Amanda had gotten married. But Sophie was good friends with Amanda, who worked as a paralegal in their office, and what had once been girls’ nights out had become get-togethers with a mix of friends, the Bads, and Sophie.

That was the problem.

If she wanted to stop thinking about Brett, she had to stop hanging out with her friends. The truth was, she didn’t want to do either.

“I’ll walk Grace out and make sure she gets into her car safely. Be right back.” Brett started to slide out of the booth, but Grace stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.