Bad Boys After Dark:Brett(3)

By: Melissa Foster

“Well, Sexy Sophie, you’ve clearly got the wrong man starring in your fantasies. If thrills are what you’re into, you’re looking at the king of them.”

Sophie laughed. “You never give up, do you?”

“Not easily,” Brett admitted.

Her expression softened, and her gorgeous blue eyes moved between him and Grace. She exhaled loudly and said, “Fine. But I’m not sleeping with you.”

“You keep telling yourself that, sweetheart.”

AFTER CONGRATULATING TAWNY and assuring her that despite Brett’s assertions, she did not need a perfume that smelled like him, Sophie headed to NightCaps with Brett and Grace. An hour, and two glasses of wine later, she sat at a table in the back of the bar as Brett got up to order another round of drinks. His piercing honey-brown eyes locked on her as he tossed his sport coat over the back of the booth and unbuttoned the top two buttons on his shirt, revealing a delicious path of olive skin and a dusting of chest hair. Damn, the man had cornered the market on hot bodies. She absently licked her lips, tasting the sweetness of the alcohol and wondering what Brett’s lips tasted like. Were they sweet from the liquor, or spicy from his virility? She bet they held a hint of both. Little did he know it wasn’t Kurt Remington she dreamed about, at least not in the ways Grace thought she did. It was Brett, the most arrogant, aggressive man she knew. She usually found those traits so annoying she never gave guys who displayed them a second thought. But Brett was a beast of a different kind. He had a way of looking at her that made her feel like there was more behind his hungry stare, which might be ridiculous since he’d never even asked her out on a real date, but still, that feeling lingered.

Brett leaned into the booth beside Sophie and said, “Don’t get too hot and bothered watching my ass as I walk away.”

His snarky comment snapped her out of her reverie. What on earth was she doing there? She knew better than to test her willpower around him. She watched him walk away, trying to ignore the familiar stirring low in her belly.

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this,” she hissed at Grace. She and Grace had grown up together in their small hometown of Oak Falls, Virginia. Grace looked like a young Andie MacDowell, with wild dark hair and mossy green eyes. She was as fun as she was cautious, and Sophie loved her to pieces. They’d both had big dreams of living in New York City, and after attending college there, they’d remained. Grace was living her dream, writing and producing off-Broadway plays, and Sophie loved her job as Mick Bad’s legal assistant.

“Are you kidding me? Sophie, he is totally into you.”

“Yeah, and anyone else in a skirt.” She glanced at Mr. Sexual Energy, with his brassy swagger and expensive slacks that hugged him in all the best places, and couldn’t deny the heat streaming through her.

“Um, no, he’s not.” Grace stepped from the booth and wiggled her hips, reminding Sophie she was wearing a skirt and Brett wasn’t hitting on her. She slid back into the booth and said, “I’m telling you, that man is all about you, babe. He hasn’t taken his eyes off you the whole time we’ve been here.”

She watched Brett lean across the bar beside a gorgeous blonde who was clearly pleased with his proximity. He said something to the woman, and in her mind Sophie imagined him saying, What are you doing later, sweetheart?

Brett glanced over his shoulder at Sophie, and the blonde followed his gaze, her smile wilting a little. Ugh. Grace was so wrong. The man was definitely not marriage material, and she had never been, and had no intention of becoming, a one-night stand.

“He only wants sex,” Sophie said, turning her attention back to Grace. She didn’t need to watch him in action. “And you of all people know what I want out of life.”

“Okay, I totally get what you’re saying. But you’ve got to hand it to him. The guy doesn’t try to hide his intentions. On some level that’s admirable.” Grace glanced in Brett’s direction. “Besides, you’ve been talking about him for the past few years like you could be interested.”