Bad Boys After Dark:Brett(108)

By: Melissa Foster

When her smiling eyes landed on Brett, the rest of the world faded away. He didn’t think as he stepped forward, closing the distance between them. It wasn’t until he was standing before her and Sophie whispered, “You were supposed to wait up there,” that he realized what he’d done.

Chuckles came from their friends and family.

Brett gazed into Sophie’s eyes and said, “When have I ever done what I was supposed to do?” He glanced at Del, who wore an amused expression. “Sorry, Del.”

“Don’t ever be sorry for loving my daughter.”

Sophie turned and hugged her father. “Thank you, Daddy. I love you.”

“I love you too, sugarplum.” Del kissed her cheek and went to his wife’s side.

Brett took Sophie’s hand, unable to stop smiling as he gazed into her loving eyes, and said, “Are you ready, Sexy Sophie?”

Her eyes glittered in the sunlight as she squeezed his hand and said, “For anything.”


I had so much fun writing about Brett and Sophie. If this is your first Bad Boys After Dark novel, Mick, Dylan, and Carson’s books are also available, as well as all four of the Wild brother’s books, and their stories are just as sinfully sexy as Brett’s. I hope you’ll check out the other series in my big-family romance collection, Love in Bloom, including the Snow Sisters, the Bradens, the Remingtons, Seaside Summers, Bayside Summers, the Ryders, Billionaires After Dark, the Montgomerys, and Harborside Nights. You can find all of my books, publication schedules, reader checklists, and more free reader goodies on my site.

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