At Her Boss's Pleasure(64)

By: Cathy Williams

‘I thought I could find myself some clever woman who would give me an uncomplicated life...with none of the inconvenient loss of self-control that came with you. It was a knee-jerk reaction. You had me wrapped around your little finger and I knew that the second I saw you in that dress. God, you have no idea what that did to me...’

‘I love you,’ Kate said simply. ‘I fell in love with you and I knew I had to walk away because I would just end up getting more and more hurt. You couldn’t commit and I couldn’t settle for anything else.’

‘You love me?’ Alessandro said shakily, enjoying this loss of self-control with the woman he had given his heart to. ‘I guess your mother is going to be in for the surprise of her life, then, isn’t she?’

Kate chuckled, delirious with happiness, sliding close to him and knowing that he was as aroused as she at their physical contact. ‘I think that she’s already had the surprise of her life—when I confided in her, when I stopped pretending to be an emotional robot and showed her that I was human and fallible and an idiot...’

‘And how do you think she’ll react when we tell her that we’re going to be married? Because I can’t imagine my life without you, Kate. So...will you marry me? Be my wife? Never leave my side? Have lots of babies for me?’

Would she marry him? Try stopping her!

‘Wild horses couldn’t stop me!’ She laughed and flung her arms around him.

Who said that fairy tales couldn’t come true?