All He Feels - Dax & Ginny(6)

By: Melanie Shawn

He glanced down then shook his head slightly. “Right, I was just in the shower. Let me go put on some clothes.”

She nodded. As much as she wanted to tell him not to do that on her account, she knew that there was a much better chance of her actually being able to hold a conversation if she wasn’t distracted by his very distracting nakedness.

“Cap.” He let a low whistle.

Capone, who was sitting beside Ginny like the good dog he was, whined and lowered down so his belly was on the floor and his legs were spread out in front and back of him.

Ginny once again crouched down, this time removing her gloves, so she could better scratch the white bulldog’s head. “Aww, he wants to stay with me.”

Dax mumbled something beneath his breath that sounded a lot like, “I don’t blame him,” but she couldn’t be sure.

Her eyes shot up in search of confirmation that he had said those flattering words. She didn’t get it. Instead she found him looking at her like he still couldn’t believe that she was here. Like she was either a figment of his imagination or a hologram or something.

She knew it was odd that she’d just shown up on his doorstep after they had spent only one night together and had gone months without so much as a text. But she couldn’t stop thinking about him and that night, though, she was sure for Dax it had been a run of the mill experience. His reception had not given her any hope that his offer, which she’d been trying to convince herself was real, still stood. In fact, she was starting to think that he may not even remember offering her a place to stay when she came back to town to work on her album. Which meant she was going to have to either awkwardly remind him of it or abort her mission.

“He can stay out here, with me.” She tried to sound as casual as possible and hoped to buy herself a little more time. Maybe a few minutes alone with Capone would calm her nerves.

Dax hesitated for a moment before he said, “I’ll just be a minute.”

Ginny watched as he walked down the hallway and oh, Lord, what a view it was. His shoulders were wide and the muscular planes of his back were even more pronounced thanks to the V-shape that ran to his waist. All of that and he moved with the grace, power and authority of a lion. He was like a Greek god and the king of the jungle all wrapped up in one.

“Arf!,” Capone barked, pulling her attention back to him.

She hadn’t missed Capone quite as much as she’d missed Dax in the months since she’d seen the two of them, but the bulldog was running a close second. Since she was little she’d wanted a dog, but her mom always came up with one reason or another that she couldn’t have one. They were too dirty, too much money, too much work, just…too much. As an adult her touring schedule had her on the road more than she was home, so it wouldn’t be fair to bring a dog into her life. Still, she got her fixes in. From the time she was sixteen, the first thing she did when they pulled into a new city was Google “Dog Park.” Then on her downtime, even though she didn’t have a dog, she’d sneak away to visit it in her go-to disguise of a baseball hat, baggy clothes and sunglasses.

Dogs were like therapy to her. They didn’t care if she was famous or unknown. They didn’t care whether her newest single was number one or one hundred on the charts. They didn’t care if she was put on the worst or best-dressed list. They didn’t care if she gained five pounds and the tabloids all said she was pregnant or if she lost five pounds and they said that she had an eating disorder. All they cared about was the love she gave them.

She wished people were more like dogs.

Drool ran from his mouth as she rubbed beneath his chin and told him what a handsome, good boy he was, all the while mentally rehearsing what she was going to say to his owner.

“He loves you.” Dax’s deep voice startled her.

She lifted her head and saw that he was done changing and now stood in the frame of the hallway, arms crossed, feet shoulder width apart. Her eyes drank him in and even without the towel he looked sexier than sin. The potency of his appearance made her a little dizzy. His light blue jeans hung low on his waist and were faded in all the right places. They were the kind of denim that looked soft to the touch. He also wore a dark navy thermal that pulled taut across his large biceps. The material showcased his upper body, highlighting the dips, bulges and curves of his chest and arms.

He cleared his throat and her gaze shot up to his. She was happy at his audible interruption because she feared that if she’d stared any longer she would give Capone a run for his money in the drooling department.