All He Feels - Dax & Ginny(4)

By: Melanie Shawn

Fantasy Ginny wasn’t lying, she didn’t have anything on beneath her dress. No panties. No bra. She sat before him completely bare, with her arms at her sides and her knees pressed together wearing only her cowboy boots. Her chest rising and falling in a shorter pattern as her breathing grew shallow.

Dax let his gaze roam her naked body. His hungry eyes tracing the swell of her breasts tipped with hard, pink nipples that had his mouth watering with the need to cover them with his lips and suck. To pull them between his teeth and nip with enough pressure to have her body begging for more.

With renewed arousal surging through him he continued his visual journey down past her mounds along her taut stomach and stopped just below her belly button.

“Spread your legs,” he roughly commanded.

She sucked in a startled breath, but did as he asked.

Like a beacon calling him home, her sex glistened between her legs. He let his eyes travel up her seam to the patch of brown curls that sat above her dewy flesh and back down to the base of her entrance.

“Touch yourself,” he gritted out, his voice husky with passion.

A soft, needy sigh escaped her as her hand moved to her slippery softness. Her fingers slid along her petal-soft folds and traveled up to her clit. When she began brushing her forefinger back and forth over the distended nub, Dax felt himself return to reality as lightning bolts of pleasure shot through him. His orgasm slammed into him and he stiffened in release.

After the last jolt of pulsing climax claimed him he released his flesh and braced his hands on the shower tile as he caught his breath. He was still recovering, returning to the here and now when he heard ferocious barking.

Unlike other dogs, Capone had only one bark and it was the same when he was overly excited or in guard dog mode. Since there was nothing for his bulldog to get that happy about, Dax was sure there was something wrong. A familiar calm that came with the flood of adrenaline rushed through him now as he shut the water off and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around his waist.

He stalked down the hall and his six-foot-four frame allowed him to eat up the distance to the front door where Cap was posted and now howling.

“Quiet,” he spoke in a low tone and Cap let out a small whine before sitting down and looking up at Dax.

Leaning forward he fully expected to see someone working the lock, trying to break into his house. He was more than prepared to handle an intruder. What he wasn’t prepared for was who was actually there.

Standing on his porch was the woman that had haunted his dreams, infiltrated his mind and drove him to the brink of insanity. He shut his eyes and opened them again thinking this must be a mirage; that he was still living in his fantasy. When he opened them again she was still standing on his porch bundled up in a jacket, scarf and gloves. She bit her bottom lip between her teeth as her weight shifted from one foot to the other.

On autopilot, he reached for the doorknob, turned it and opened it.

Before it was even cracked a few inches Capone was up in the air, jumping with excitement.

Dax watched as the woman that he’d dreamed of day and night, the woman that had left him with only a note, bent down and caught the white mass of excitement in her arms and that’s when he noticed a single suitcase sitting beside her.

She giggled and kissed Cap on his head as he wiggled and covered her face in licks. “Hello, Mr. Capone, did you miss me? I missed you. I missed you so much!”

“Ginny.” His voice held a gravelly quality as he said her name, needing to hear it out loud to make this real.

Her blue eyes, previously hidden beneath a bed of dark lashes, lifted to his. When their eyes met, a small, tentative smile pulled at her lips as she said, “Hi, I missed you too.”

Chapter 2

Did I say that out loud?

Ginny prayed that all she’d said aloud was “Hi.”

Please, please, please let that have been my inside voice I heard.

No. Not possible.

There is no way that I just said that I missed Dax, too. Right?

She waited for Dax to say something, anything, but so far the only thing out of his mouth was her name. Not that she was complaining. She could listen to him say her name on repeat for…well, for a long time and not get tired of hearing it. Especially when it held the extra rasp that it just had.

She couldn’t believe that she was actually here, in Harper’s Crossing, on Dax’s porch. And not only was Dax standing in front of her in the flesh, there was quite a lot of flesh showing and it was wet to boot. Her eyes were still locked on his, but on their way up to meet them she’d seen several droplets of water running down the hard planes of his naked chest. Her first instinct had been to lick them off his skin like ice cream that melted down the side of a cone. Thankfully, unlike her uncertainty of whether or not she’d said that she missed him out loud, she knew for a fact that there had been no licking. Her tongue was safely inside the confines of her mouth.